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While playing you can smash the ball over the Pinball table Moorhuhn Pinball.



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Moorhuhn Pinball

The game principle of Moorhuhn Pinball will be no news. A ball on the table is catapulted at the pinball machines and you must think the ball as long as possible with the help of the flipper fingers in the game. You get points by striking the ball on different objects. Moorhuhn Pinball five different tables offers you in the XS version one, the XXL version. The design of the tables matches the different Moorhuhn games, like for example Moorhuhn adventure, Moorhuhn Kart, etc. The great graphics and cool sound effects in the Moorhuhn Pinball fun easy.

The game Moorhuhn Pinball will take not much storage space to your computer and runs on all major Windows operating systems, such as for example, win XP, win 2000 or Win 98. After you have downloaded the game and started the download and installed the game, you can now start the game. In full-screen mode choices are run in a window game, highscore, options, and exit. The operation of the game is really easy. Under the item, you have the possibility to increase or decrease the FX volume and dynamics as a percentage options. In addition, you can enter your desired player name before starting the game. Roll the balls in the Moorhuhn Pinball very quickly and your quick response is needed here. It comes with four ramps in the Moorhuhn Pinball for you, flippernd to win a race. The trail leads to the victory at the Moorhuhn Pinball in particular over the ramps. In the Moorhuhn Pinball you can earn you multi balls and extra lives. Also, at any time, you can improve your high score.

To note is that in the free download of Moorhuhn Pinball only a Pinball table available friends. You can buy the full version for the software manufacturer Phenomedia against a small amount. Then, you can use all five the Moorhuhn Pinball Pinball tables.

Functions of the game Moorhuhn Pinball

• 5 Pinball tables
• High score list
• Multi balls
• Extra life
• FX volume and dynamic adjustable
• Low computer requirement

Background information on the game manufacturer

The game Moorhuhn Pinball was developed by Phenomedia publishing GmbH. Phenomedia is headquartered in Bochum, Germany, and specialises in the development of entertainment software. The company was founded in 2004 and her greatest success is the shooter grouse.

Description of the version: Moorhuhn Pinball

This version of the Pinball game cool Pinball tables available are friends, to finally give the ball to the Grouse. Overall, you will find five Pinball tables with different grouse designs, such as for example the Moorhuhn wanted table or the Moorhuhn X table. If you're really good, you get multi-balls, extra lives and can set a new points record. The great graphics and cool sound effects bring plenty of variety in this game.

New features and extras at Moorhuhn Pinball

• Great graphics with cool sound effects
• Five Pinball tables with different designs of Grouse
• Earn extra life, multi balls, point records
• High score list
• Required operating system: Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003

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