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MOORHUHN KART 2 is a racing video game, adds the fun of the previous Moorhuhn games very well.



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Moorhuhn Kart

Moorhuhn Kart 2 is a racing game for your PC.

You can MOORHUHN KART 2 alone against your computer or play in the 2-player co-op against a real opponent. Four modes of play are you MOORHUHN KART 2 available. Eight riders on eight lanes at the start go into every race. Here you will meet such well-known figures such as the Lesshuhn, the snowman, or the Moor frog. Also pumpkin, Kröt and Hank are the game at MOORHUHN KART 2. And of course the grouse, the KART so the game MOORHUHN 2 gives the name. If you have the XS version of the chicken race, you can play also a level in the 50cc class.

The position battle on the eight lanes of MOORHUHN KART 2 is exciting. You have the ability to throw your opponents out of the race with eight different weapons and MOORHUHN KART 2 as the winner to finish. The graphics are usual imaginative and the MOORHUHN KART 2 is easy to use. If you KART for MOORHUHN 2 additional tracks and a Grand Prix mode have want to, you can purchase this appreciation in the XL or XXL version. The XXL version of MOORHUHN KART 2 there are however not online, but only as a box in the trade.

MOORHUHN KART 2 was equipped with a 3D engine, which guarantees you hours of fun. Also a second championship, three additional riders and three different performance classes are now included in this version of chicken race. The download and installation are as usual even if MOORHUHN KART 2 no problem. Even if you're putting to the box with the XXL version, you will provide the installation before any problems. The integrated sound is awesome again completely in all versions, all the usual Moorhuhn-tradition.

What's new at MOORHUHN KART 2?

• Four different game modes
• Eight lanes with eight different drivers
• Eight weapons, to throw the opponent out of the race
• 3D engine
• XL and XXL version as an additional package at low cost
• XS version with 50cc class

System requirements and download

The game is designed for the operating systems Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The download size is 33.9 MB. Since July 2005, is the racing version of the Moorhuhns on the market and has been downloaded by now already more than 90.000mal. The game has been made available as freeware from the provider on many download platforms on the Internet. The XL extension can be obtained online as paid download. The XXL version is available only as complete box in the trade.

Description of the version: Moorhuhn Kart

Also in the second part of Moorhuhn Kart you have to prove that a driver is in you! Whether factory or island paradise, explore all new routes with the Screamer. Additional power-ups and traps make the race even more exciting. The graphics is waiting with new 3D engine, and two more characters come to the famous racers: Hank and Kröt. Now three different performance classes are available.

The innovations of the second part of Moorhuhn Kart at a glance

• New tracks make for exciting gameplay
• Two new riders with different thicknesses
• Still more common traps for your enemies
• New of PowerUps make faster and better you
• Revised graphics with new 3D engine
• Three different performance classes

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