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With the Grouse you're ready important dates at just a glance in Grouse design calendar.



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Moorhuhn Kalender

Click on the button "Start download" you can easily and quickly download latest Moorhuhn calendar. The Grouse can calendar opens as a PDF document, view, and print. The Grouse calendar consists of three pages in landscape mode.

The first page in the Grouse calendar contains a table of the first six months, January to June. There is a column in which you can make entries for each day. There are also the holidays stated, the statutory holidays are marked in red. Above the calendar column calendar located in the Grouse a wider bar are collage added colored grouse graphics. You can find links on the first page of a winter landscape with a bemützten Moorhuhn, rolling a snowball. Calendar shows centered at the Grouse a mountain landscape with the famous grouse logo. Right, some read grouse is depicted. Left at the edge of a more mountainous landscape is reflected with a Matterhorn-like mountain. Prior to this, a grouse frog presents itself.

On the second page in the Grouse calendar lists July until December the last six months. In turn a wider bar located calendar are grouse graphics put together such as on the first page above the calendar columns in the Grouse. A green meadow landscape against the blue sky shows left starting. The transition to the next scene is delimited by a grouse. The Central scene landscape shows a run-down from car on a barren and earthy Hill in the middle of nowhere. The transition to the next scene is in turn separated by a grouse. It wears a cowboy hat and sitting in a shelled-out pumpkin. The next picture shows a tree in autumn foliage. The image on the left shows a grouse on a snow-covered fir tree against a starry night sky. The various images of the first and second pages demonstrate the course of seasons calendar analog to the Grouse. On the third page in the grouse, calendar are listed according to the ministries of education in a table the holiday schedule of all the provinces by 2010.

All the important data to the Grouse calendar at a glance

• Is the file size 1.51 MB.
• The calendar is written in the German language.
• Oliver Beinroth is the author of the calendar.
• All files have been virus checked and can be downloaded without hesitation.
• Extra page with the current holiday dates of all the provinces.
• All holidays listed in the calendar.

The success story of the Moorhuhns

The graphics in the Grouse come from the computer game Moorhuhn calendar. The game offered in 1999 for the first time free to download was so popular in Germany that it was temporarily considered as a threat to the company's operating revenues because disproportionately many Office workers with the game time is sold. A 34-teilige game series is now out of the game.

Description of the version: Moorhuhn Kalender

The Grouse there calendar since 2006 as a download and every year with a new motif in the head area. You will receive a PDF file with 3 pages with the download. Page 1 page 2 contains the months January to June with an appropriate header section, the months of July to December with other head area. On page 3 you will find the holiday dates for all provinces, the calendar sheets include the nationwide public holidays.

Current issue of the Moorhuhn calendar

• Current year calendar
• Consists of a total of 3 pages in PDF format
• Pages 1 and 2 include six (6) months.
• Page 3 lists the holidays for all provinces.

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