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At GROUSE IN the approach, you must find his stolen Hat again and turn off the opponent.



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Moorhuhn im Anflug

The Grouse hat was stolen at GROUSE IN the approach. Sit in your plane and try to save him. But be careful: swashbuckling robot armies will make you anything other than light the rescue. In a robot base, the head attachment is hidden and you have to get him out of there. You can not compare with the other Moorhuhn games GROUSE IN the approach, so brace yourself on a version, which appears in a new coat of paint on your screen. GROUSE IN the approach is a very successful animation Phenomedia game, which convinces with its graphics alone.

At GROUSE IN the approach, you fly with your airplane from left to right. First of all, a bright blue sky, which is grey but quickly awaits you. GROUSE IN the approach you're armed, but equipped with many extras not only with a MG. Your opponents are feathered duration Schießer and exactly it means, at GROUSE IN the approach to conquer. You want to prevent you from finding the stolen hat. To find these, you must dodge the enemy shots and keep your stricken plane as long as possible in the air. At GROUSE IN the approach you have to from time to time in a workshop, because otherwise you will make your mission. Remember also, that cannot fly a plane without oil and without fuel. So keep always your fuel gauge in the eye, because otherwise it doesn't look good for you.

The crummy opponents will accompany you through all levels of GROUSE IN the approach. You always have to Dodge them and you can't RAM it in any case. The feathered opponents should not RAM you. I'm trying to get so many robots, posed friends in the way as possible from the sky. At GROUSE IN the approach, it is very important that you reach the inevitable check points. Only then you can do it really, to rescue the stolen hat. If you have reached your destination at GROUSE IN the approach, then you will be the best pilot of all time. So show your opponents, who's in charge of the sky and complete your missions. All 17 levels of GROUSE IN the approach are packed with action and lots of fun. Also a very good audio backdrop and sophisticated graphics await you.

The functions at a glance

• Excellent graphics and audio scenes
• Three Fluzeugklassen
• Defeat the robot army
• Fight with MG and many extras
• 17 exciting levels
• Become the best pilot of all time

What operating system do you need?

If you want to play MOORHUHN approaching, your computer should have Windows XP/2000/ME or 98. The file size is 28.5 M bytes.

Description of the version: Moorhuhn im Anflug

Moorhuhn times differently! Grouse is possessed by evil powers. The all-powerful evil took over control of his hat. In contrast to the classic game, grouse in the approach is a jump-and-run game. Lovingly illustrated, new graphics, control grouse through various levels and help him to save himself and the world. Hat vengeance is the latest work of the creator of Grouse. Bury yourself in the autumn foliage and avenge grouse and his hat.

On the trail of the Red Baron - save the world from evil powers

• new graphics and improved sound
• wrong opponent without mercy
• Save grouse from the clutches of the evil powers
• suggest the robot army from the air
• on the traces of the Red of Baron
• New gags and levels offer entertainment

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