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Monopoly 3 is the new and exciting fun in three dimensional game environment.



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Monopoly - the well-known board game for the PC as a free download.

Monopoly 3 is the US version of the game, which means that the in-game currency is the American dollar. It is also new that it's a game in 3D and the players better can place himself in the game. It builds as well as his role model on it, that you have to buy as many roads and these should farm with houses and hotels. The players who involuntarily Park on these streets by the diced numbers, are forced to pay a reasonable rent to the owners. To make monopoly 3 slightly looser, there plays audio commentaries that make the atmosphere somewhat funnier after each. Still provides the three-dimensional graphics of monopoly 3 a feeling of authenticity that enhancing the gameplay.

In order monopoly 3 appears not too easy and not too boring, there are also event cards and community cards. Monopoly 3 these are what can not however dampen the fun but in English. Must be with these cards get set new tasks as a player, paid out bonuses or gifts or even new Bills put up, which paid. Also by this card it is possible in prison to land, which means that you must suspend three times. Whether this is a blessing or a curse, depends of the respective situation of the player of monopoly 3, because everyone else must continue to play and pay rent. Through these cards there are monopoly 3 repeated for new actions and the tables may be turning up rapidly.

Another innovation for die-hard Monpoly players is the fact that they are at the game board monopoly ® 3 to the American. Thus, there are new street names, new stations and especially new event and community cards. The tension mounts and more, no one can predict what card next is drawn. To play monopoly 3, it download easily with us on the page.

Fun monopoly ® 3 at a glance:

• Play with up to 6 friends
• Immerse yourself in an amazing 3D world
• Play your friends in the ruin
• Build as many houses and hotels
• Become a millionaire
• Master the game board

History of a classic

Monopoly 3 goes back to the classic board game monopoly. This first came in 1936 on the German market, at that time but as the Berlin version with only Berlin street names. Since 1953 however, monopoly has been equipped with fictional street names, which could occur in whole Germany. Until 1998, the game with the game currency, the Deutsche mark was available. In recent years, there are also computer versions, as well as a version for the IPhone and recently the new edition monopoly 3 is available.

Description of the version: Monopoly

Monopoly 3 is finally available as 3D version for your PC. The classic board game was imitated the American version. This is the game in English. It will be paid with dollar bills and is played to stations, houses, hotels and roads. Thereby, the whole PC game in 3D scene is set. Each train or throw is funny comments and the whole game is accompanied by a really good sound. In addition, up to six players can play against each other.

The main new features of monopoly 3 at a glance

• Implementation in three-dimensional scene
• Modern sound effects
• Comments on every throw and the battlefield
• Interactive style of play, up to six players can play at the same time
• American version

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