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  • Windows 0.9.7

With Monopolie becomes possible now on your computer, what you could play only on the Board.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


Every child knows the original, based on the Monopolie, but so far only a few have can play on your PC the classics. Monopolie need not be installed and is super easy to use. Via a wizard, a new game is started, which prompts you to add players. Not necessarily human players must be. If you are missing one person, to complete your round, you can simply add an AI player with three different levels of difficulty. Then, you create your own player name and of course with the character that you want to place on the Board. There are among others the cannon, the dog, the car, the horse and the shoe and many other characters to choose from available in Monopolie.

The dice are rolled on a random number generator and your character automatically drawn. You have all the possibilities you also had the original in Monopolie: you can buy streets, houses and hotels, can your cards of course with other players share and so maybe you gain an advantage. The event cards are also in Monopolie again with part of the game.

Monopolie is written in the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language, that even beginners can easily enter. The program runs on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7.

Other features of Monopolie

• Open source
• Free of charge
• Small file size
• Large community
• up to six players
• Also Street Exchange possible

Monopolie is a true open source project

In the past, there were already similar projects on the Linux platform, but with Monopolie succeeded for the first time on Windows machines, to implement an open source Monopolie. The community has its own forum area on the project page of Monopolie and constantly supports the development of the programme. Anyone can post his ideas and his ideas about split, which features absolutely should take on later versions. These open source programs are increasingly on the rise, and many game developers see the future of computer games here. Monopolie it is possible now to participate in this future. If you've played the game a while, you liked it, and you now want to contribute to the further development, you should have don't be shy before, to visit the community and to share you with other players and developers.

Description of the version: Monopolie

The current version of the software brings the popular board game on your PC. The simplified version of the original takes over the famous symbols and street names. The game is available in English and you can share the fun with up to 6 friends. As in the Board game you can buy one after the other roads, hotels and train stations, must pay fees to the owners of already purchased objects and can event cards bring variety to the gameplay. Also the share of roads is possible.

This offers you the new Monopolie 0.9.7

• The classic of game finally also for the PC.
• For up to 6 players.
• Buy objects and roads.
• Event maps are available.

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