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Monkey's audio compressed audio files without loss of quality in the space-saving APE format.



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Monkey's Audio

The interface of monkey's audio is displayed in Explorer format. You can move individual files or entire folders with WAV files drag-and-drop on the interface of monkey's audio. If you now click on the button "Compress", the program begins immediately with the compression and converts the files selected by you in the APE format. Of course you can use monkey's audio also, again to convert APE files in the WAV format. You can choose the speed freely, while the program gives out the factor of "Normal" as a recommendation. You can also specify that the compression process will automatically be stopped when a file error. You also have the possibility to save the new audio file to a new directory and rename also. During the installation of monkey's audio from the Winamp audio player as well as an APE plugin is automatically added to. Thus you can immediately play all APE files created using monkey's audio.

Monkey's audio is a program that gives you plenty of space on your hard disk if you have saved a large amount of audio files. While the playback quality is so good that you don't have to fear any loss of your audio quality using monkey's audio. Monkey's audio is using the built-in audio player as a practical audio tool, which you can download free from the Internet. A DirectShow filter is integrated in the new version of monkey's audio, which allows you to see other a zoom when playing.

If you want to download the free software from monkey's audio, you should now simply click on the download button. An installation wizard is to the side and step by step prompts you to follow all necessary instructions. The audio player is also automatically installed as the necessary APE plugin. After a few minutes, you're able to start with the compression of your audio files and to expose new hard disk.

The features of monkey's audio

• Saves 50% capacity
• Convert WAV to APE
• Built-in audio player Winamp
• Integrated APE plugin
• Compression entire file folders possible
• No loss of quality when playing

System requirements and download

Monkey's audio is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP and Windows Vista. You need at least a 300 MHz processor and 128 MB of RAM. The download size of the free software is only 1 megabyte and consumes so little significant system resources.

Description of the version: Monkey's Audio

The new version of monkey's audio software allows you to compress your audio files without that however remains the quality on the track even faster and more efficiently. An additional file with the answers to frequently asked questions and helpful hints work makes you even easier. New functions such as zoom, playback and filter set no limits your imagination, if you're working on your music.

The most important innovations of the monkey's audio software 4.06

• Faster processing of audio files
• Better compression of all files
• Significantly lower susceptibility to errors
• New help file with FAQ and many useful hints for more user friendly
• New features such as zoom and playback

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