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Thanks to its ease of use, the MonKey is a proper work relief cash book.



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MonKey Kassenbuch

For self-employed and entrepreneurs, conducting a cash book is often a troublesome matter. Thus the MonKey a real workload Cashbook and takes over the acquisition of all receipts.

The scope of services of the MonKey includes a document input for easy posting of your income and expenditure cash book. Also, you can with the MonKey Cashbook imagine in your own document journal and print out. Above all, you need no accounting knowledge. The built-in chart templates for DATEV with SKR 03, SKR 04 a trouble-free start enables you here. You can collect your financial situation either via the functions of operating asset comparison or via a simple revenue-surplus calculation. The MonKey cash book is ideal for the self-employed, freelancers, as well as small and medium-sized companies. Clubs can benefit from this software. In addition, the program not only in Germany but also in Austria is used.

Your tax advisor will be pleased if you can create your evaluations, such as for example balances, document journals, etc. in typical DATEV-format for him. The appearance of your reports is done in tables and is also stored on your hard drive in a so-called SQLite database.

The operation of the software is self-explanatory. Special skills are not required here. The function of order management and open item, payment transactions and asset management are available in addition to the management of the cash book. Hereby, you can import your bank statements, for example, and make an automatic account assignment with a few clicks. In addition, you can manage your customer and supplier address is. Easily track your payments and use the four-stage reminders for you.

Description of the version: MonKey Kassenbuch

Unnecessary numbers Dreher and vexing deficiencies have served from cash book finally in your cash accounts with the MonKey. The new version allows a simple cash book management with many new features, such as for example an efficient data collection, order management, reminders, and much more. Furthermore, now also the DATEV Export is no longer a problem. With the advanced features, you can create a calculation of profits, as well as the advance tax return also.

Overview of the functions of the new version of the software

• Collection of revenues and expenditures
• Management of customer and supplier addresses
• Four-stage reminders
• Pre-defined charts of accounts (SKR 03, SKR 04)
• DATEV Export
• Importing account statements

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