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With modify headers, you can edit the HTTP request headers of your browser.



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Modify Headers

With the add-on modify headers, you will get different functions in one: you can easily filter the HTTP request header from Firefox with this, modify or add. Also it helps you add-on to go to automatic graphics compression.

Modify headers is a Firefox Add-on, which you can use to edit the HTTP request header of the browser without effort. It is free and written in English provided. The author is Gareth Hunt, and the add-on is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and 2003 server. You can use it also with Vista, 2008 Server and Windows 7. In addition, it works with Linux and Mac OS. The extension is about 37.6 kilobytes in size.

Modify header helps especially Internet users who want to access online services, which are offered exclusively in a foreign country. Header the HTTP request header Firefox easily is using modify change, filter, or add. The practical add-on saves the detour via the configuration you also, if you want to transfer a custom user-agent header. For detailed instructions, how you use this addon, is on the Internet pages of the author Gareth Hunt. The header can be organized in a list, and as you type, the text add-on automatically completes.

You're add-on also the automatic compression of graphics with the, if you want to surf the Web with UMTS. For this purpose, you can simply search the extension through a search engine. Do you want to install the extension, you need to open only the downloaded XPI file using Firefox. Then you know it it with the settings. This works on new pages right away. In case it's enough already visited pages just briefly to press CTRL-F5 or delete the cache.

Description of the version: Modify Headers

Modify headers is a useful Firefox Add-on, without the HTTP request headers of your browser Edit allows you and with which you can handle graphics compression while surfing with UMTS. With the new version, you can now more easily organise the list with header entries. There is also a function that completes your typed entries. While this function with a large number of known header is familiar. Additionally, she can complement each other through their own entries.

The main features of the current version

• Organization of the list of headers
• Auto-complete of your typed in the header entry box
• Who knows completion function known header and can be also

Modify Headers modify header modify modify header cannot modify header modify header information live headers live http headers live http header livehttpheaders modifyheaders php cannot modify header modified header modified headers http header plugin last-modified header modify headers add-on header modifier modifier header modify header addon modify-headers

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