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MobaPhoto allows batch processing of digital photos and build of professional online galleries



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The best: MobaPhoto is freeware. This means that you get all the features that you can otherwise fast cost a lot of money, for free. And with excellent quality: in addition to countless satisfied users are awards from the most popular download portals, for example by ComputerBild, the best evidence.

MobaPhoto is very easy to use: In the clear welcome window you can select which function you want to use. You can change the same batch, for example, the size of your photos. Just give a picture folder to edit MobaPhoto, and the rest will start automatically. So, you have to waste hours not to adjust each image individually. Or you decide to make a photo gallery for the Web; with just a few clicks, you appealing images can present and publish on your own website. You can directly inform MobaPhoto on which side your gallery to upload. To do this, simply enter the address of your homepage. Customize the colors and designs, the type of preview pictures and descriptions with MobaPhoto on your ideas - without any programming knowledge.

Or choose the image edit mode of MobaPhoto. Here you can cut your photos turn and correct red eyes. And some give your photos with some special effects. Also, if you want to, same batch: just feed MobaPhoto to your image folder and can automatically edit them. As a fourth option, you can rename your photos with MobaPhoto - even equal to hundreds at a time. If your camera produces for example file names such as DS_000123.jpg, you can replace very quickly with MobaPhoto with more descriptive names. And already your folder is no longer loads of cryptically named image files, but, for example, from the well-stocked images Urlaub001.jpg, Urlaub002.jpg, etc. So, MobaPhoto makes much easier the archiving for Vielknipser. Past the days where you had to rename each file by hand and it therefore mostly missed.

All can MobaPhoto

• Batch processing of digital photos
• Easily create image galleries for the Internet
• Compatible with any browser
• No installation required
• Clear, easy-to-use interface
• Mobile application with only 1.3 MB big executable file

What is behind this?

The developer of Mobatek, network systems and multimedia software experts stand behind MobaPhoto. As a provider of a broad range of high-quality freeware, they have made a name. With MobaServices they offer services beyond each, to program custom-tailored programs for its needs.

Description of the version: MobaPhoto

In addition to the well-known MobaPhoto features, you can create now your personal image galleries. You also have the ability to define individual photos with a frame. Hereby you can put your photos right in the scene. The stack image reduction in the new version, which you can use to reduce image archives to a size of your choice is very convenient. These new functions and features make this version a great image editing program.

Overview of the features in the new version

• New feature: batch image reduction (reduce image archives to a desired size)
• Creating an image gallery
• Individual photos add a border
• Removal of red eye in the photos
• Cropping the photos

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