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The MM Railway screensaver is the first choice for railway enthusiasts with over 2100 vehicles.



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MM Eisenbahn Bildschirmschoner

The MM Railway screensaver is more than an ordinary screensaver. The connoisseurs and lovers of the railway scene are addressed here. The rail classic, for example the crocodile of the Swiss federal railway (SBB CE 6/8 II), about the Schienenzeppelin to down to the high-speed trains ICE, TGV and AVE has to offer everything what desires the railway friend the MM Railway screen saver. The locomotives are in detail and pull or push the trains virtually across the screen. And you can be sure that they are faithfully imitated their original role model in the MM Railway screen saver.

But also, if you were not only interested in the MM Railway screen saver will delight you. The screensaver starts, driving more than 2100 vehicles, 800 locomotives and railcars from 25 countries on the monitor. This is much more interesting than the standard saver, which is otherwise so accustomed. You get to trains, which you might ever even drove in the MM Railway screen saver from a completely new point of view.

You haven't heard of the MM Railway screen saver? It is now the version 3.1 on the market. It has been extended to some features. There are not only new locomotives and trains, but also many revised vehicle images. In the lovingly designed details, you can discover even more at the MM Railway screen saver.

The MM Railway screen saver at a glance:

• The MM Railway screen saver has more than 2100 vehicles, 800 locomotives and railcars from 25 countries.
• Detailed railways virtual drive across the screen.
• There are many different types: from the crocodile of the Swiss federal railway (SBB CE 6/8 II) up to the TGV.
• The revised version 3.1 is now available.
• There are possible shunting actions and change of locomotives.
• In the full version can be made custom changes.

The full version

In the full version, it can be adjusted during shunting actions MM Railway screen saver and locomotive changes. In addition, you can choose certain train generations and types. You will also find some additional features which are not available in the free version of MM Railway screen saver. In addition to the trains from many countries, over 2100 car images from the Museum to the high-speed some specials are included the at the MM Railway screen saver in the full version. It is for example possible to make extensive configurations. These built-in change possibilities allow to adapt the train selection to your own taste. Via the user interface you can ride even drawn pictures. This makes the MM Railway screen saver a very personal experience.

Description of the version: MM Eisenbahn Bildschirmschoner

Get the world of railways on your screen with the MM Railway screensaver 3.1. This new version of the software includes all images of old versions of 40 new locomotives (new series, color and designs) and new passenger trains such as the Flensburg Express from 2003 to 2005. Also have been optimized for the version 3.1 the vehicle images: the shades of color, edges and details are better represented in the new version and it also mass have been corrected.

The MM Railway screensaver 3.1. coming soon:

• 40 new locomotives in new designs and colours
• Four new trains
• Improved vehicle images
• Fast download and easy installation on the PC

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