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MJ Studio 1.09 is a free mixing program for you as a virtual disc jockey.



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  • Updated: 24.02.2011

MJ Studio

You can mix your own music with MJ Studio 1.09 and easily and free of charge on your computer. MJ Studio 1.09 offers you a virtual mixing console for your music. You're friends just the songs that you go off, drag-and-drop on the interface of MJ Studio 1.09. There it looks like on a DJ booth for CDs: two platter offer you all the functions you need. So you can pre-listen to the next song Studio 1.09 on the second plate with MJ and thus achieve an optimal mix result. You can use all audio files in WAV or MP3 format with MJ Studio 1.09.

With the pitch control, you can adjust the speed of the individual title. MJ Studio 1.09 dir displays before the start of each song of its speed in BPM (beats per minute). You can create your music mix with separate slide controls or with the cross Panel. When MJ Studio 1.09 can you also scratch as with vinyl records. A 3-band equalizer to provide's also for manipulating your songs. Generally, MJ Studio 1.09 offers you all the features you need as a hobby-DJ. So you can create cool music mixes that correspond exactly to your taste.

If you Studio 1.09 did put together a mix with MJ friends, can you save him easily on your hard drive. With the software, you can both previously-defined playlists play - if you like, also without breaks in an infinite loop - or you are using the automix function and lets MJ Studio 1.09 as DJ Act. The freeware is very easy to use: even if you have collected so far still don't have much experience with the mix of music, you can work well with the program. Especially at parties, you are the Center and take care of lots of fun and of course good music.

MJ Studio 1.09 - the most important functions at a glance

• Virtual mixer
• Two platter
• Pitch control
• Separate slider
• Automix function
• 3-Band equalizer

MJ Studio 1.09 - trivia and wallpapers

The software was developed by the German company d-lusion and was available on the market for the first time in 1998. The company, which has its headquarters in Leonberg, Germany, has specialized in music software and besides MJ, many more software programs developed Studio. Including different software products that act as a virtual synthesizer.

Description of the version: MJ Studio

The current version of MJ Studio version 1.09 can come up with many innovations. 2 Platter, which each contain a preview function and optimally support the mix your songs are on the Panel. Also you can adjust the speed of the songs unlimited with a pitch control. Also the scratch is possible, with the cross Panel you can take on the files. Of course, there is also a three-band equalizer.

The most important innovations of the MJ Studio in the new version.

• Preview function for better cuts
• Audio mix function to play the endless track
• Speed can be adjusted by control
• Scratch functions can generate realistic sounds
• Cross hood for better recording features

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