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Mixxx (32 bit) is an advanced tool for the support of DJs on the computer.



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Mixxx (32 Bit)

Mixxx (32 bit) is an open-source project for your work as a DJ at the computer. Fully exploit the technical capabilities of your computer when it comes to the manipulation of samples and creating music.

Crossfading, pitching and flanging are no foreign words for you? You like to copy music onto your computer, beat them and want to mix them together in a creative way? Then you should be sure to take a look at the music tool Mixxx (32 bit). Thus you have grouped together now all important editing functions with regard to your favorite samples in a software package. Become a DJ on your own computer and surprise friends and guests with your musical ideas. The software Mixxx (32 bit) provides all the functions available, which you will need for this and much more.

The best thing about Mixxx (32 bit) is its versatility. It is a far advanced open source project that is expanding its range of functions. You will have no trouble with this tool, transition between music tracks, risking cuts and combining passages. All that a DJ in real life also can do is easily implemented with Mixxx (32 bit) also for beginners in the field. Also on the new 64-bit operating systems, the software works properly. Try the tool best just once with your own music collection.

The development of Mixxx (32 bit)
Mixxx (32-bit) is a simple but powerful tool of mixing to manipulate music in the manner of a real DJ. This inventive software was developed by the programmers do haste Andersen, who has made one of the most interesting contributions in the field of music editors with Mixxx (32 bit).

Description of the version: Mixxx (32 Bit)

The music tool Mixxx (32 bit) in the new version 1.9 offers you even more possibilities when it comes to manipulate samples. Not only Windows users but also users of Mac OS and Linux will enjoy of this useful tool. Particularly with regard to the recording a lot has happened in the new version. So is now allows you to record music in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats as well as many other formats. This is done directly without subsequent conversion.

The main new features of Mixxx (32 bit)

• Aunahmefunktionen directly from the software have been improved
• Still broader operating system support
• Music can be recorded directly in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats

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