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Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2 offers you more than just the playback of HD videos.



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Miro (Democracy Player)

Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2 is a helpful software in the field of access and management of online videos and TV channels. The new version is specifically designed for optimal viewing of HD videos and television programs, can much more than videos play. You can organize your complete videos in playlists with Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2 and easy access via the new interface. After you install Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2 can scan your hard drives and list all found videos. No long searching, but everything is conveniently positioned within one user interface. This is of course an option, as well as the automatic start of the program on Windows startup.

Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2 offers you access to all video portals and approx. 1,000 Internet TV stations. If you are watching a video and have to stop this, then Miro (democracy player) sets exactly there again 3.0.2, where you left off. And this is a built-in feature, and must not be activated by you. To download videos, you can set a specific area on your hard drive. This memory is occupied, Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2 will automatically stop the download of additional videos. About video RSS you can download that automatically all videos that interest you. Parallel you can see the video in a separate window with Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2 – download and play are so visually separated.

After the installation and initial Setup, you can find an uncluttered screen with one quickly finds their way at Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2. It is divided into different areas and offers direct access to your video and audio on the left side of the library, Web sites and video feeds. On the upper side of the screen you will find the Miro Guide for the TV offering in Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2. You can display the transmitter to you by each genre and select what you want to see. The possibilities are almost endless, best you try it yourself. You can call the program directly from our page about the download function.

Features of Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2:

• HD video player
• Access to Internet TV stations
• Plays all video formats
• Available in 40 languages
• Freeware for Windows (open source)
• Are requirements for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

Background information on Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2

It was formerly the democracy player, today it is Miro (democracy player) 3.0.2. It is a pure open source development and is supported by a large community.

Description of the version: Miro (Democracy Player)

The new Miro is the only Internet television that you need - an enhanced video player and podcast client with which allows you can see the best content on the Web. With Miro, you find your podcasts, the best Web series and many shows from all over the Internet in a program in the current version. Many of the content of the new version of Miro to be HD quality available. You can find YouTube videos or TV programs, and download.

The main advantages of Miro at a glance:

• Download and watch the latest movies, shows and video clips from the Internet
• Subscribe to podcasts
• Open source, non profit-video player

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