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mIRC 6.35 provides speed, flexibility, stability and a high level of comfort for Windows users



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mIRC 6.35 is an easily configurable IRC client. Immediately after installation you will be prompted to enter your data, and then you can even go. You can change at any time but the entered user name and status, which you will be displayed with other. There is a large amount of default servers that you can use. mIRC 6.35 is easy to customize, and you can configure its appearance as well as various functions completely free. With ANSI and the mIRC colour codes, you can change the color. Passe it completely to your present style. mIRC 6.35 offers a vast amount of settings and is used by many operators of online games as a client for their support. So, you can contact BB´s in connection directly with the responsible GO. In addition you can talk with other players, and you can share tips and tricks, or ask you to play.

Hang out with friends in the channels or create your own channel with mIRC 6.35 and his simple commands. Take it in mIRC 6.35 preset Wizard to help. Send files with mIRC 6.35, and show your friends your holiday photos or your homemade movies. You can withdraw at the same time chatting or you with unlimited number of other users but also with one or more friends in a private room. Chat free or SSL encrypted, combine speech and DCC file transfer, with mIRC 6.35, everything is possible. Use the automation options and log for the start directly in your favorite channels.

Download now mIRC 6.35 download and test it for 30 days completely free of charge. If you your mIRC 6.35 want to register then, you pay only once and for this get a lifelong right, all updates and future versions.

Other advantages of mIRC 6.35

• Extremely fast even when the high number of users
• Very comfortable by the wizard
• Wide distribution
• Great flexibility
• Many automation options
• Inexpensive, since registration for life

The background to the programme

On February 28, 1995, the first version was released 2.1 a, which was written by the Jordanian software developers Khaled Mardam-Bey, with the number of mIRC. Thanks to the integrated scripting language MSL, it is very versatile. mIRC 6.35 is a heavily customized version with many extra features changed, the current needs and is the most advanced Windows common IRC client. Around mIRC 6.35 and its predecessor a large fan community has gathered, which create scripts and bots according to own needs.

Description of the version: mIRC

The current version of mIRC software offers many useful new features. The program itself is a widespread shareware IRC client for use in Microsoft Windows. This new version was equipped with an improved user interface to Internet Relay Chat to chat. In addition, you can enter your files now also faster because the program of fewer resources consumed and thus impacted your PC of less.

The most important innovations of mIRC in the new version

• Improved user interface.
• Simpler user friendliness of the software.
• More extensive scripting language enables better adaptation to other clients.
• Implementation of games, players and servers.

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