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Who often works with MIDI files, should just throw his attention on MIDI4all.



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Free freeware program. MIDI4all offers a collection of MIDI tools with which you can convert various formats into MIDI and MIDI in for example MP3s. It contains a recorder and player except for the decoder.

MIDI musical instrument digital interface means. The Protocol controls sound generator in electronic instruments and also in your sound card. There are both commands for a button, as well as for the release of just those. Also, the velocity is controlled by commands. In this manner, MIDI instruments with a keyboard be played and you can hear the sound of for example of a saxophone. This MIDI master keyboards themselves have no sound or sound producers. With MIDI4all, you can convert WAV files to MIDI format. In the opposite direction, i.e. from MIDI format, you can convert to WAV, MP3 and OGG. On a piano, you can record MIDI, play MIDI sounds, or create sheet music also.

A little theory to the basic functioning of MIDI4all. All "MIDI signals" are only control data, share an electronic instrument which sound, how long and how loud to be played. It works here in the processor of your computer also. With 'on' and 'off' - commands works this principle. The MIDI standard is set by the MMA (MIDI Manufacturers Association).

The various features of MIDI4all are: MIDI convert Converts your MIDI to WAV, MIDI to OGG or MP3. Chords will show you the notes in a MIDI file or allows you to create music, to play and save. MidiPiano offers a virtual keyboard, on which you can play and record as a MIDI keyboard; MidiPlay plays MIDI files with different speeds and settings; MIDIG offers a MIDI player, synthesizer, Wavetables and digital effects allows; AmazingMIDI helps you convert WAV files to MIDI, and created the musical notes at the same time.

Description of the version: MIDI4all

MIDI4all V. 1.5 offers you the conversion of MIDI to WAV, MP3 and OGG files. Chords MIDI allows you to play, create and store music. A virtual keyboard on which you can play using the keyboard and also record the MIDI format allows the MIDI piano feature. MIDI files with different speeds and settings can be played by MidiPlay; MIDIG is a player that makes possible Wavetables, synthesizer and digital effects. AmazingMIDI provides converting WAV files to MIDI format and at the same time creating music scores.

The highlights of MIDI4all version 1.5 in the overview:

• Convert WAV to MIDI, MIDI to WAV, MP3, OGG
• Create chords, play, and save notes
• MIDI piano - keyboard
• MIDI-PLay to the playing of MIDI files

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