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MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 can play MIDI files with consistent sound quality to create.



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MIDI to WAV Converter

Your sound card produces music based on the commands contained in the MIDI files. MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 converts your MIDI files into so-called SoundFonts. This produces different timbres. You can download the MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 additional SoundFonts from the Internet. MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 now stores the audio signals in WAV, MP3 or OGG format on your hard drive with just one click. One of the great advantages of MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 is that the conversion occurs directly and without sound recording and thus no quality loss may occur when burning to a CD. MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 lets you create albums so easily, without having to listen to each track when converting.

With this program, you have also the possibility to use the sound of your own sound card. While playing back MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 can convert this analog recording according to. MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 allows you to add any recording so-called ID3 tags. You can also affect the playback speed with MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1, new set. All of these conversion operations, MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 uses the fact that WAV files contain a real sound that sounds the same on every playback device and will fluctuate not in the sound quality, which generates your sound card. So get stable versions of music for your MP3 player or your own stereo with the files which has converted this program.

If you want to try MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 now, you just click on the button "Download". Then you follow the instructions that appear on your screen. The trial version is valid for 30 days. You'll be prompted in time for a fee to register. After payment has been made, you will receive the unlock code for the program by E-Mail.

The features of MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1

• Conversion into a common audio format
• integrated SoundFonts
• additional SoundFonts can be loaded
• Timbre of the sound card can be used
• direct conversion without recording
• Change the Abspiegeschwindigkeit

System requirements and download

MIDI to WAV Converter 6.1 has been designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The trial version download size is 8 megabytes, and the download is supported by a Wizard function.

Description of the version: MIDI to WAV Converter

The current version of the MIDI to WAV converter can now come up with some new features. It now even more SoundFonts available are to give a better tone for the converted files. In addition, you have now the possibility to download more SoundFonts for a lossless conversion of MIDI files directly from a corresponding Internet platform. Your sound card will be charged as a result less and the sound remains realistic.

The most important innovations in the current version of MIDI to WAV converter.

• Download of new SoundFonts for the conversion of various MIDI files
• Improved UI for user comfort
• Tempo can be set individually with the ID3 tags

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