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Microsoft SyncToy (32-bit) is a simple synchronization tool to the matching two folders.



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Microsoft SyncToy (32 Bit)

With the Microsoft SyncToy (32 bit) you even just off the data between different computers or notebooks. The software synchronizes different folders and combines them. You can secure the overwritten data in the Recycle Bin.

With the Microsoft SyncToy (32 bit), you simply compare folders on different computers, for example, a laptop and a PC. The software transfers still nonexistent files in the folder of the other PC and deletes duplicate versions. You can find file backup then in the Recycle Bin, so you can check once again whether the deleted file is still required. With the synchronization tool Microsoft SyncToy (32 bit), you even out the contents of two folders, it is irrelevant, what is stored in the folders.

When synchronizing the folder can either contain stored documents, can it be matched but also program folder. The operation of the program is relatively simple, only the two to be matched folder must be selected. The program is in English, but also as a beginner the operation should not be difficult friends. The software manufacturer provides no assistance to the program, therefore you have to navigate you as user.

The synchronization tool Microsoft SyncToy (32 bit) has been developed with the idea to compare folders on different computers and to combine. Here, the aid of a network is necessary, so that the two computers are connected to each other. Matching folders on different computers is useful, if basically the same is to be included, for example, important to-storing documents. The combined folder complemented the files not yet therein were, and overridden files doubly occurring.

Description of the version: Microsoft SyncToy (32 Bit)

The latest version of Windows is supported in the latest version of the Microsoft SyncToy (32 bits) synchronization tools. The software is also supported by the Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0 and thus provides a better performance and robustness. The optional backup of file versioning is now automatically created. This creates a special folder in the installation directory of the program. The last existing configuration of files can be restored with the program.

The most important functions in Microsoft SyncToy (32-bit) 2.1

• Do also sync with Windows 7
• Improved performance and robustness by Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0
• Backup of the files will be created automatically
• Recover the last configuration

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