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Microsoft Silverlight brings high quality pictures, videos, Web games and interactive content.



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Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a browser plug-in, which can be engaged with all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. You will need to install the program only once, and have Microsoft Silverlight allows a variety of functions. The high-resolution display of videos is just one of the highlights. With Microsoft Silverlight, you can create also sophisticated interactive functions themselves, then carried out by your browser as well as on your desktop operating system. You can do so online and offline Microsoft Silverlight based applications. The quality of the image speaks for itself. When you call up a page uses the Microsoft Silverlight, then install the program and update the browser, the difference is amazing.

Render bitmap files themselves or you can represent also MP3 and WMV standard streams in your browser with incredible quality. You can create user interfaces with Microsoft Silverlight itself, and control. Microsoft Silverlight design fun with friends, because you can create whole new multimedia content in a fantastic quality even with 3D effects. You can live out your creativity for animated Web games and everything is interactive, fully.

But with the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in you can create unbelievably great picture galleries. The images are displayed in HD quality. And when someone looks at your galleries, has installed Silverlight like you, then he can even in the photos and images gradually zoom out zoom again just so. Silverlight provides even buttons, display photos in various forms of Gallery. This whole new possibilities for your website or your blog. Microsoft Silverlight makes possible the implementation of very unusual ideas - for example, for a Flash intro for your page -. On the Web, there are many tutorials about what can be anything with this program. You can now download free Microsoft Silverlight you download feature on this page.

It offers Microsoft Silverlight:

• Represent videos in high definition
• In pictures to zoom
• Make your own homepage to the multimedia artwork
Bring • Web games on your own website
• Easily create Flash Intros
• Make custom user interfaces

More info

Microsoft Silverlight was introduced in 2007 and has been installed on millions of computers in this short period of time. The program is constantly being developed.

Description of the version: Microsoft Silverlight

The current version of Microsoft Silverlight can convince with many useful new features. You will help with advanced animation capabilities to create interactive dynamic presentations in lists. Through performance optimizations, the software runs faster and barely impacted the resources of your computer. Also, now also cross domain access is allowed you through improved support of networks. Fully editable design provided you, easier to draw controls and layouts.

The highlights in the new version of Microsoft Silverlight

• Improved drag - and -Dropunterstützung
• Optimized DataBinding reduces the code.
• Advanced animation capabilities for better presentations
• optimized media support
• Virtual print views are now better supported.

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