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A database provides Microsoft Pro Photo tools for photos, the Geotagging feature, and much more.



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Microsoft Pro Photo Tools

The free software Microsoft Pro Photo tools reads and modifies the metadata of your photos, manages them in a database and provides the Geotagging feature fixed, where the photo was shot.

Microsoft Pro Photo tools is a very useful software, if you have many photos on your computer. With this tool, you can edit the metadata of all your photos. You can also make changes the metadata from your photos with this tool. This offers a set of tools for editing Microsoft Pro Photo tools. Underneath is the function of capturing RAW. With the tool "Geotagging", you can find the location of the photos and set. This will be displayed then via Bing maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth. Converting the RAW format is also possible on JPEG, tip, and HD Photo in Microsoft Pro Photo tools.

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The history of Microsoft
After initial successes Bill Gates and Paul founded the company Microsoft all 1975. The very name Microsoft consists of microcomputer software. The company was once called micro-soft. In 1987, the company introduced the MS-DOS operating system and major breakthrough. Now Microsoft is a multinational company and achieved an annual turnover of approximately 58,44 billion US dollars. The company Microsoft has about 93,000 employees. The company primarily for the Windows operating system and the Office software Office is known. These were developed in the 1990s and programmed. in 2008, Microsoft started the software Microsoft Pro Photo tools.

Description of the version: Microsoft Pro Photo Tools

The new version 2.2 by Microsoft Pro Photo tools supports now also reading and writing and to XMP side cars. In addition you can now converted from RAW format image formats: JPEG, TIFF and HD Photo. The display of RAW image formats is possible in the current version, the tool also now supports 64-bit Windows. In the geotagging function it's now also possible to select international locations. In addition, the interface for geotagging function has been improved.

The latest features of Microsoft Pro Photo tools 2.2

• Support reading and writing to/from XMP side cars
• Converted from RAW to JPEG, TIFF and HD Photo
• Representation of RAW formats
• Support for 64-bit Windows
• International locations possible
• Interface of geo-tagging improves

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