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Microsoft Pivot is the demo version of a program to manage large amounts of data.



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Microsoft Pivot

Microsoft Pivot is a program for easy management of extremely large amounts of data. With the map in categories and lists, you get a better overview and a system in big picture and data packages.

Microsoft Pivot is designed to show the users, what in the future, there will be opportunities to clearly organize and manage larger amounts of data. The download is a demo version of the program Microsoft Pivot and contains some specific use cases. Here, all existing individual data are sorted and displayed in a grid. Now, you can systematically categorize this data and sort. That is simplified through filters and tags that you can assign the data.

In this version, you can then divide the sample images or sort articles from the Wikipedia website, shorten, and assign topics. The zoom function of Microsoft Pivot enormously simplifies the operations, because not each individual file must be opened extra to be able to sort them. The program is in English. All terms in English appear on the user interface. Through the clear structure opens up but by itself, what to do. So you have, for example, a pool of images related to the subject of sports. The pictures occupy most of the screen. Left a bar that contains already pre-made categories appears. This is sports, teams or events. Now, you can start with the categorization. Mark the images, describe them with the feedback function and you assemble a clear list to your personal liking.

The demo version of Microsoft Pivot has a file size 27.8 MB and is suitable for Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Description of the version: Microsoft Pivot

With the current demo version of Microsoft Pivot, you can test out how the program to manage large amounts of data. The thematic pre-sorting is particularly useful after a certain grid. Due to the grid filters and tags are offered, with which you can arrange the images now. It is also possible to assign an image to multiple tags. Is that the data in the keywords get and are easier to manage achieved with this dynamic Sotierung. The clearly arranged user interface simplifies management.

Contents of the demo version of Microsoft Pivot

• Easily manage large amounts of data
• Sorting in grids
• Creating appropriate tags and filters
• Possibility to assign multiple groups
• Clear user interface
• Program in English

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