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Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 is a powerful software for your notes.



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Microsoft Office OneNote

Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 allows the cross-application work, by running the program in the page window. Whether you just your browser is running, answering emails, or use another Office program: you're always available to Microsoft Office OneNote 2010. You can link your notes in Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 even with its origin at any time to see in what context you have created your note. So you keep the optimal overview at any time.

With Microsoft Office OneNote 2010, you can access your notes from anywhere. So it is you Microsoft OneNote Web app available, let you display your notes in Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 to you via the Internet can. And with Microsoft OneNote Mobile 2010, which is specially designed for smartphones, you can see immediately whether your action is necessary and something has happened in one of your notebooks. Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 allows a fast and efficient work from anywhere.

In Microsoft Office OneNote 2010, you need to sort your notes after establishing not more cumbersome. You can assign each note a specific notebook, so that you always have all notes on a particular topic in Microsoft Office OneNote 2010. And the notebook advantage is also at work in the group. So, you can share the notebook with other users in Microsoft Office OneNote 2010. Immediately, you gain insight into what changes to the notebooks have been made.

Other functions of Microsoft Office OneNote 2010:

• Text styles
• Publishing with Microsoft Office backstage
• automatic translations
• supports importing/exporting MIME HTML
• integrated speech recognition
Accept • contact information from Outlook

The development of Microsoft Office OneNote 2010

The project of OneNote was unveiled by Microsoft for the first time in November 2002. Since then, the program in every Office suite has been included. So, OneNote was represented as well in Office 2007 and now finally as Microsoft Office OneNote 2010, Office 2010 as in Office 2003. For all editions of the program several so-called service packs were delivered by Microsoft after the release, expanded the program to new functions and increased compatibility with different systems. Office must be regarded to this day as the market leader in the field of office automation software packages.

Description of the version: Microsoft Office OneNote

In the latest version of Microsoft OneNote you can use now surface the fluent, which allows you to switch easily between different applications. You can easily find all features and will determine that the work area is clear. The language settings have been simplified. If you're working in multiple languages, you can perform all necessary settings in a dialog box now to switch to the other language.

The main new features in OneNote 2010

• The Fluent user interface simplifies the work.
• Optimized the Ribbon collection of notes.
• Backstage view for managing files.
• new language settings

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