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Microsoft mathematics is a program, that calculation of the various tasks helps.



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Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft mathematics homework in the subject more are no problem for you. For scientific calculations and the application of various mathematical functions, you no longer get the calculator, but allows your computer for you to work.

You can download the program free of charge. The math program on your computer is installed, then you have the ideal tool, if you are having difficulty in calculating with different formulas. The handling is very easy and after a short time, you will be thrilled by Microsoft mathematics.

If you see the user interface on your screen the first time you will be slightly irritated. She looks but somewhat complicated. But let these small things do not deter you. With a little practice you've accustomed you quickly. You know already the Ribbon interface from Office 10 applications. Also, the menus are displayed in the upper part of the program at Microsoft mathematics. In addition to the familiar trigonometric functions sine or tangent, you can find also cotangent or cosecant. You can also graphically the results. Microsoft mathematics works it like a graphic calculator. The linear algebra is a no-brainer for you with Microsoft mathematics. No laborious counting with the calculator. Another advantage of Microsoft mathematics is that the tool converts formulas that are entered by hand into text. You can perform the input of data also via touchscreen or graphics tablet. With the triangle Solver, you will calculate the missing side lengths or angles. It is beneficial for you that Microsoft mathematics shows not only the result but also the calculation way you. The mathematical law used for the calculation is also called and completes so your solution to the problem. This way you will learn also by the way. Using the unit converter you convert units of measurement. Since this tool has to offer a wide range of different sizes and units conversions such as mileage in kilometres or hectares in inches more are no problem for you.

Sum up just yet, if math is not your strength, you should always download Microsoft mathematics. The operation is easy and despite solution through the program, you will learn.

Description of the version: Microsoft Mathematics

In this version, the program Microsoft mathematics was revised. Among other things, the surface is new. The menu now is located in the upper part of the program and is some getting used. When you work with Office 10, the Ribbon interface is nothing new for you. The so-called handwriting recognition ensures that the input via the touch screen can occur. With "Worksheet" you can enter the equations and in addition to the result you will get the solution way. In the "graphing" - mode can create the appropriate graph to a function.

These are the major new features and system requirements

• Input by hand, cast by the program
• Represented result, solution and applied mathematical law
• Creation of the corresponding graph
• Betirebssystem: Win XP, Vista, Windows7
• File size: 17.6 MB
• Language: English

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