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The Microsoft IntelliPoint drivers bring all IntelliPoint mice up to date.



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Microsoft IntelliPoint

To the respective mouse the appropriate mouse driver should be installed. Just so, smooth operation can be guaranteed, which corresponds to the capabilities of the hardware. Microsoft IntelliPoint driver ensures smooth operation.

The task of a mouse is very simple. Instead of typing commands on your screen, you can control all functions by clicking on the corresponding icons. This system was retained, and today, almost every modern operating system uses a graphical user interface (GUI). Thus, it is possible easy and intuitive to use a system. A modern mouse will fulfill their basic functionality without a driver. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to install the appropriate software Microsoft IntelliPoint software, if you have an IntlliPoint compatible mouse.

Modern mice can do more today than their predecessors. The increased resolution allows rapid movements or pixel-exact positioning of the pointer. Additional buttons and features increase the ease of use. This also applies to the IntelliPointmäuse.

The IntelliPointmäuse have many functions, so that the operation of the operating system, games or computer assisted design friends easier. Because many keyboard shortcuts can be assign to perform functions on the mice. You can also use the additional functions that can offer you the IntelliPointmäuse, you need the latest drivers, so that they work with all operating systems and programs. With the Microsoft IntelliPoint software, a program that works with all IntelliPoint compatible mice suits you. It is no longer necessary to obtain the correct driver on the manufacturer side of the hardware provider for each mouse. With the current version of the Microsoft IntelliPoint drivers are all IntelliPoint mice up to date.

Description of the version: Microsoft IntelliPoint

Microsoft IntelliPoint has undergone numerous improvements in the version 8.15. The software is now compatible with the Mac OS X operating system. If multiple mice are connected to the system, this is automatically detected by Microsoft IntelliPoint. Several mice can be configured with Microsoft InteliPoint with buttons, provided that it is device compatible with IntelliPoint, from Microsoft or third-party. The MouseWheel-smooth-scroll feature has been improved. PS / 2 mice are no longer supported.

Microsoft IntelliPoint version 8.15

• Several IntelliPoint mice on one device possible
• Each mouse can be configured
•Improve MouseWheel smooth scroll
• Set PS / 2 support
• Numerous bug fixes
• Mac OS X compatible

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