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The program Microsoft: Fix-it package contains 23 different tools for troubleshooting.



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Microsoft: Fix-it-Paket

Microsoft: Fix-it package is a collection of 23 tools that help with troubleshooting common errors on Windows. With these tools you need to make in the future no registry changes more.

It helps in problems with Windows only when you make changes directly in the registry. It can go wrong but also quickly. The program Microsoft: Fix-it package completely simplifies this thing. After downloading, you will have a wizard that performs all of these changes for you and deletes files on request. The 23 most popular tools for the treatment of many common computer problems are included in the program Microsoft: fix-it package. You can not properly play back audio files or record, the associated tool searches for the error and compensates for it. Also recurring codec crashes or problems with the installed devices that Microsoft offers: fix-it package you is a good assistance.

Errors occurring during the performance of IE, an unenforceable system maintenance, incompatible add-ons from Internet Explorer, non-functioning home network groups, errors in the execution of the MSN client and printer problems of various kinds are more cases common in with Microsoft: fix it package can be resolved. In addition, you have the possibility to increase the overall performance and speed of your computer, to set up a TV tuner, and reduce your energy consumption. Especially with a laptop, this feature leads to a longer battery life. Also problems with the display of photos, with the Windows time zone, with the firewall, with updates or with the media player often interfere with the use. For this purpose the program Microsoft includes: fix-it package also tools for the appropriate treatment.

Description of the version: Microsoft: Fix-it-Paket

The basic version of the tools Microsoft: Fix-it package brings you to troubleshoot problems with Microsoft Windows the 23 most common tools. With the simple interface, you can easily choose the necessary program. If you don't know which of the programs supports you with the respective troubleshooting, you choose the problem area, and Microsoft: fix-it package searches the suitable tool. The programmes for the reduction of energy consumption are a special extra. With just a few clicks, you get such a longer battery life for your laptop.

Content of the tools Microsoft: fix-it package

• 23 Programs to troubleshoot Microsoft Windows errors
• Easy to understand user interface
• File size 14.8 MB
• Program in English
• Additional opportunities to reduce energy consumption

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