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Using the Microsoft Excel Viewer, you can open Excel files from the version in 1997 and print.



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Microsoft Excel Viewer

Professional spreadsheet programs have a variety of features that you don't need in normal everyday use. Often come so easy and clear programs used with those less complicated commercial calculations can be performed easily. Occasionally, you get views and editing Excel files via email or through a network. Here the program Microsoft Excel Viewer help you, you can also open files in Excel format and print.

Microsoft Excel Viewer, you can open Excel workbooks, see, and print out the data you need. A workbook usually contains multiple tables. You can see all data and select those that you need for your task. The Microsoft Excel Viewer provides all functions for viewing and printing available. From comprehensive data material, you can select the required pressure range and the Microsoft Excel Viewer make an appealing document to print.

You can set the print page with the Microsoft Excel Viewer according to your wishes. The Microsoft Excel Viewer, you can create for example appealing headers and footers. The selection of different fonts and font sizes is possible with the Microsoft Excel Viewer. In the middle part of the header, you can insert for example an appropriate heading using the Microsoft Excel Viewer. In the right column, the date is usually transferred and in the left column you can enter your name or other information. The footer is also divided into multiple columns, and you can enter the number of pages in the middle or in the area of the right foot of the page using the Microsoft Excel Viewer. You can add more information, such as for example the location of the document, in the remaining columns.

Features of the program:

• Consider Excel files
• Pressure range select
• Page Setup
• Label headers and footers
• Scale and set margins
• Copy data to other applications

Download of the program

You can download free Microsoft Excel Viewer program from the Internet. The download file has a volume of 74.1 MB. The Microsoft Excel Viewer is started with a click on the file ExcelViewer.exe. Using the Microsoft Excel Viewer you can open all the Excel files from the program versions from 1997, view, and print.

Description of the version: Microsoft Excel Viewer

The Microsoft Excel Viewer allows open, view, and print Excel workbooks you quickly, directly and quickly, even though Microsoft works or the program Microsoft Excel should be not installed. In addition, you can move data using the Microsoft Excel Viewer into other programs or copy. What however is not possible, the processing and storing workbooks or rebuilding of such.

Excel workbooks without Excel can read and print

• Microsoft Excel Viewer will open and print Excel files quickly and easily
• Data transfer other programs possible
• Completely free installation and use

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