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Mice maze screensaver brings "Hitchhiking through the Galaxy" on your computer screen.



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Mice Maze Screensaver

Mice maze screensaver again provides a laugh in between. As a fan of "Hitchhiker the Galaxy" you will think at the sight of mice maze screensaver on the civilization, which put its entire resources in the construction of a gigantic supercomputer, which should give them the answer to the question about the meaning of life. He did - just you can start little with the answer "42", even without knowing the question. Mice maze screensaver recalls this absurd search for an absolute truth again and again.

Mice maze screensaver you can see running a mouse through a maze that seems to have no end--until suddenly the camera out zooms, and visible is that the maze is the number 42. Mice maze screensaver brings the feeling to be landed in one of the novels by Douglas Adams through his cool, absurd sense of humor. Indeed, mice maze screensaver is closely modeled on the movie and in the meantime also advertising for the 2005 Strip is made. For a fan of the "Hitchhiker of the Galaxy", the download of mice maze screensaver is a must!

Download of mice maze screensaver is not only free, but also easy for you. The file is not larger than 1.7 megabytes. After downloading you can simply click on the .exe file and mice maze screensaver installed by itself. Upon request, you will be taken directly to the screen saver menu and settings.

The features of mice maze screensaver

• 3D-Animiertes maze with mouse
Mice maze screensaver is free
• Absurd humor for in between
• Faster download: only 1.7 megabytes
• Language: English
• Low system requirements

The story behind mice maze screensaver

Mice maze screensaver is another merchandising product of many that were produced for the five "Hitchhiker" novels by Douglas Adams. This screen-saver, as well as many other products, which were published in the context of the novels and the films is that they complete the total universe of the story and the characters. The novel series was released in the early 1980s. Since then, radio plays, a television series, a computer game and a feature film have been published. Douglas Adams has accompanied the multimedia long fiction in his universe and shaped, until he died of a heart attack in 2001.

Description of the version: Mice Maze Screensaver

The mice maze screensaver is aimed at all those PC owners who want an even see original series on their screen. You're science fiction fan and connoisseur of Douglas Adams novel "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, then you're happy: A little mouse in the mice maze screensaver total desperately searches the way out of the maze in the form of the number 42." The whole is beefed up in addition graphically by the spacey illustration of a Galaxy in the background.

More information about mice maze screensaver

• Optimal graphic resolution
• Improved color quality
• Despite elaborate graphic energy-saving
• Very good 3D representation
• Very good implementation of animations
• Improved optical design

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