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With the MF shutdown Manager, automatic shut down of the computer is no longer a problem.



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  • Updated: 28.02.2011

MF Shutdown Manager

Waste of electricity must really not be at today's dealing with the computer. If it has done its job or automatic processes were completed such as downloading files or the operation of a program, the computer should be shut down. But it is not always for you to be doing, when a process is completed so that you can initiate the shutdown. With the MF shutdown Manager is you for this issue now a software solution available, which can take over this task automatically for you. You set MF just the shutdown Manager at a certain time and the program can perform the appropriate action. The MF shutdown Manager offers you not only a range of possible functions for determining the timing of the shutdown, but lets you determine exactly what should happen upon reaching the specified time. You can plan everything in advance and need you no longer have to worry about the shutdown of your device in the future. You download the software right here, by clicking on the download button, and try.

If you wish, you can in the settings of the MF shutdown Manager for example set, your computer should be not going down, but only in the stand by mode. The MF shutdown Manager lets you to quickly boot up the system if necessary.

The MF shutdown Manager can for you also a countdown represent, so you know how much time do you have to work. You can do so with the MF shutdown Manager effective way to control your work. There are many ways.

Other features of MF shutdown Manager:

• Also restart possible
• Logging out of your user account
• Alarm function
• Delete the browser Chaches before shutdown
• Display of the program status in the tray
• Automatic calling programs

The developers of the MF shutdown Manager

The MF shutdown Manager is the company Mfshut developed. You can only find in the software since 2008 on the software market, but since then a lot has happened and the functionality of MF shutdown Manager has grown significantly. The great thing is that the Manager under a free license is distributed and is thus completely free for you. So, there is no reason not to try it. Install the MF shutdown Manager on any of your Windows operating system (Win98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7).

Description of the version: MF Shutdown Manager

The new version of the MF shutdown Manager supports now Windows 7. Also under this operating system, you can now control the automatic power off your computer or start it automatically from the rest - or State-by State. While you can both specify a remaining period of time that will be displayed as Countdown, as also a fixed time set to the desired action is taken.

Features of the new version 2.0 of the MF shutdown Manager

• Full support for Windows 7
• 2 modes available: countdown or fixed time
• Stopping or starting of peace - and State-by State

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