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As a musician, you need a metronome to practice. The metronome program takes over this function.



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Would you like to learn guitar or any other instrument? You may have to give the correct clock with metronome. In contrast to a correct metronome this program cannot be broken.

If you really want to learn an instrument, you sooner or later a metronome that can set the pace you need. Only when you learn to play correctly with a predetermined frequency you are able to make music with other people. But a classic metronome is expensive and very sensitive. You have to deal very carefully, to correctly set the right pace. It falls once on the ground, it is usually broken. Even if it's still ticking, the uniformity of the given measure is thus no longer guaranteed.

The metronome program is much easier to use. As the name implies, a clock for musicians is metronome. You can simply install it on your computer and use for your samples. The desired speed can be precisely be in metronome. You can always assume that the clock with hours of practice remains the same. With the freeware you can adjust even different bars. Thus, you don't always have to listen a simple tick, but can even in a nine-stroke especially emphasize the first tone. The emphasis is on a four quarter-cycle accordingly on one and two or three and four. This is a valuable feature for beginners.

The beats are issued using the sound card on your computer's speakers. You can volume thus also so, how you need it. Another advantage of the digital metronome: when louder instruments you can hear even the clock also. Do you want to practice on the road, you can find also a version for your mobile phone.

Description of the version: Metronome

The freeware metronome 1.0 offers a perfect digital clock for musicians. The speed can be freely set is from 40 to 160 beats per minute. The clock can be predefined as nine meter, six eighth- or as four four time. The appearance of the program is aimed mainly at guitar player, finally the program comes from the guitar Academy. Of course, you can use the clock to other instruments. The volume can be easily for loud music.

All of this offers a musicians metronome 1.0

• Digital clock to the practice of music pieces
• Speed adjustable from 40 to 160 bpm
• Time signatures 3/4, 6/8 and 4/4 adjustable
• Output of the bar over the loudspeakers of the computer

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