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Metin2 is a professionally designed online MMORPG, that makes a lot of fun.



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It's picturesque villages, beautiful landscapes and unusual far eastern fighting techniques - about Metin2, the successful MMORPG by Gameforge. You're one in Metin2 residents from three rich, formed after the breakup of the great empire. These Empires, the Chunjo -, the Shinsoo -, and the Kingdom Jinno, surround the center of the continent, in which you will encounter in Metin2 in epic battles the Warriors of the other kingdoms.

The rich in Metin2 have a different orientation, but all have aimed to build the old empire under her leadership. In addition to other players you need to defeat also monsters and other creatures in Metin2, who always and everywhere can ambush you. You need to be so constantly on guard to defend yourself with your arms. As character classes in Warrior, Ninja, shamans and Sura are in Metin2 available. As a warrior, you're very strong and fight in close combat. You play a Ninja, so you hit mostly silently from the ambush as bombers. As a shaman you'll use spells and magic, with which you can help even your rivals in the fight. Magical powers are also called Sura available, however they are not acquired as at the shaman by long trials. The Sura have magic, because they have allied themselves with the devil. As a result, you are but in close combat with a sword as well as the ranged magic capable of inflicting damage to your opponents. All character classes in Metin2 can be played there as a male or female characters and customize the appearance.

The goal in Metin2 is the increase of your own reputation and your Empire. To achieve this, you can unite you with other players to guilds and fight together. While the successes of individual battles in Metin2 affect not only the position and the glory of your Guild, but also you as individual players.

Features of Metin2:

• 3D online MMORPG
• 4 Character classes
• 3 Areas (rich) with different priorities
• Fulfilment of missions (quests)
• playable individually or as a member of a Guild
• Allure by far eastern exoticism

By Gameforge's Metin2:

Gameforge is a German game forge and has released several successful online games. Metin2 is a 3D online MMORPG and combines the charm of the far East with challenging missions to an exciting adventure.

Description of the version: Metin

The current version of Metin takes you to a magical world of Asian. You have to put as brave fighters in the battle. For this, you can learn before important fighting techniques and skills to special friends. Also many pieces of equipment to fight the charge stand. In the game there is to discover a great empire. Finally, you can lead your Guild in the fight and allow the construction of an own Castle.

The main features of Metin 2:

• Large magic Asian world to explore
• Fighting techniques to learn and acquire skills
• Many different pieces of equipment for the fight
• Build your own Castle

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