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MetarWeather allows access to weather stations and download its data.



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MetarWeather is a comprehensive tool for different types of weather observation. To do this, you can access to everywhere distributed in simple manner the data of many weather stations on the globe.

The search can be very troublesome in the Internet for current weather data for different regions. If you care for it, how the weather at a specific time on a specific location, you should familiarize yourself with MetarWeather. The program establishes a connection to the Internet and load current weather data directly on your computer. With this very useful tool for the weather observation you've always changes in weather of all your computer equipment in sight. Familiarize yourself with the great functionality of MetarWeather and take targeted weather observations.

MetarWeather is intended not for simple weather forecasts, but gives you immediate access to all weather data. The program has a database of thousands of weather stations worldwide stored and waiting for your queries. So that you can keep track at the size of this offer, you can define multiple search filters and search parameters, so that you receive only the data of the weather stations of a certain region. For all hobby meteorologists, the tool so that the ideal companion in your day-to-day work, and is also very easy to use.

The development of MetarWeather
The useful tool MetarWeather for display worldwide weather data is programmed by the developers of the manufacturer of NirSoft. The development team responsible in addition to MetarWeather for a number of other software projects, which took all well-received in the community.

Description of the version: MetarWeather

The new MetarWeather version 1.67 offers a number of additional features, that it still should easier you to make weather observations using the data of worldwide weather stations. The program now offers an improved drag &-drop functionality, which simplifies working with the different sets of data. MetarWeather can interpret data from external programs such as Google Earth now also about the file format of KML and many others.

The main new features of MetarWeather 1.67

• NOAA data now respond to changes its server source
• The program supports alien file formats like KML
• Records can be considered from now on just the main window

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