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A storage as an MP3 file and optionally also as WAV file offers you the knife.



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Knife is a freeware that will inspire not only music lovers. The term knife is available here as a synonym for "memo session sound recorder". Signals that arrive at the respective sound card line-in input, are caught with this software.

With the use of knives, you're on the safe side. The operation is very easy and also for less experienced individuals who are not perfectly familiar with computer accessories, very easily feasible. You get a comfortable user interface to the hand that can be clicked with intuitive button controls.

The received signals coming to the line-in input intercepted, can either as WAV file or stored but also as a compressed MP3 file. Thus, already alternatives on hand are given you. Still you get to free a timing with the meter software. This allows you to start the program at a date determinable by you automatically. Following you can with the timing carry out an own recording and shut down your computer after successful recording. Thus, you need to perform any manual handles and can focus therefore on the recording.

A corresponding current LAME encoder you can download area also download and activate immediately. The LAME encoder is like the blade software free of charge and is an MP3 format that was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute. Knife there is at the moment only in the English language version, which you can download here free of charge. To do this simply click the visible download button and after a short time, you can run the sound recorder. The download file size is approximately 764,5 KB and is applicable for the operating system Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows Me, and Windows 95.

Description of the version: Messer

With the current version of the freeware, you're able to take appropriate line-level signals from your built-in sound card. It does not matter, whether you're a MP3 file or maybe a WAV file used. The automatic speed control easier the work. You will enable the location, start knife to a previously defined point in time. Thus, your music recording is started at the right time. By an automatic program exit and shut down your computer, you can work also energy-efficient.

Main features of the memo session sound recorder in the version 0.992

• The support as a compressed MP3 file is possible
• A support as a WAV file can be set up
• Time control function
• An automatic shut down of the computer is possible
• Wash is automatically carried out

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