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The Messenger Plus! Live is a handy program that allows contacts with other people.



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Messenger Plus! Live

After downloading and installing the Messenger Plus! Live is offered as a free download here a brief registration and choosing a personal password requires. Did you that, personal contacts can be recorded in the contact list. This in contact to contact it required only the these when the Messenger plus! live have registered.

With all the in the contact list users of Messenger plus! live you can chat for free and an exchange of audio, video and text files is possible without any problems immediately around the world. In the Messenger can you see who's online right now and to see information they publish that in their profile. With integrated sound functionality, you can in the Messenger Plus! Live deposit own sounds that audible alert on the online status of selected measuring Eng er users.

On the Web site of MSN-world you can download complete sound packages free of charge, the use of Messenger Plus! Live will be acoustically very interesting. In addition you can own optical settings on the Messenger plus! live to make that color change the typeface and background of the writing field. Already in the previous versions of Messenger Plus! Live existing "boss key" allows a very quick hide for use in school or in the Office. The Messenger plus! live logs automatically all your conversations with other measuring debugger users. At the same time will use the Messenger Plus! Live accurately show the receipt of emails. Since the Messenger plus! live a separate free E-mail account is made available, you get at the same time these at the entrance of new messages with sender and title.

All functions in the brief overview:

• Display of the own online status
• Exchange of audio, video and text files
• Include your own sounds
• Colour change of the lettering and backgrounds in the writing field
• free mail account
• Display of incoming mail messages

What requirements does the system?

The Messenger Plus! Live works under the operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003, and Vista. There several conversations comes in handy on a single text box can run what ensures a pleasant order on the screen. With the function integrated in the Messenger plus! live, manually change the own online status, is possible also an anonymous work and surfing on the Internet. All audio effects, video and photo files and texts to other users can be transferred using fewer clicks. The software was developed so that multiple applications under different user names are possible, which can be simultaneously maintained and managed.

Description of the version: Messenger Plus! Live

The freeware is compatible with Windows Live Messenger 2011 now completely.

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