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Merge is a good software for those who want to combine their images.



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Merge is a great freeware tool for you if you're having fun at the image processing. Merge is not a simple graphics editor, but a very special piece of software but as there are many on the market. Let you inspire of the possibility to merge pictures in a creative way. The images just put one above the other and you see the result, if you combine both images together. It's doesn't matter from which source the images come: merge lets you harness all photo material from your archives and immediately load into the program. Are no limits your creative possibilities, which is why you should not hesitate and immediately once you get the program.

Merge is a truly unique program, when it comes to the blending of various raw materials. You can go to a proper batch processing of your photos with merge and provide them with a watermark. This is not a problem with the advanced features of the program at all. Just put your watermark as a top layer over a different image and merge the two images together. Your photos as your possession are already identifiable.

Merge is programmed that it automatically takes off all annoying tasks for merging photos friends. So you don't have to care for example not, whether or not the output photos have the same image size. Merge automatically detects the size of the image and adjusts the two images together in their measurements. So you can concentrate on your actual task, without having to making previously cumbersome and long preparations.

Other features of merge:

• Free positioning of the layers
• Rotation function
• Soft transitions
• Image formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TGA, PCX
• Clipboard function
• Change orientation

The developers of merge

Merge image editing program is being developed by the company of Graphicutils. Merge is available since 2007 on the market and has been already found many satisfied users. If you want to include the users of merge, must you download only the completely free version of the manufacturer. The program runs on solely your versions of Windows such as Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7. So if you have fun on this kind of photo-editing, you should hesitate too long.

Description of the version: Merge

You can overlap in its previous version, two images on your computer with the latest version of the free graphics application merge. However this version features a few practical innovations that make it easier to use. This includes an improved interface, where all commands are consistently visible: you have to leave so no longer hundreds of dialog boxes. In addition, it is now possible to rotate the original image before it is merged with another. Additional fonts in different colors extend the possibilities.

The new features of merge V2. 1 at a glance

• Constant visibility of commands
• Rotating the image before you combine it with another
• Many new font colors

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