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Rather than to estimate the speed of the RAM with a snapshot that measure precisely with MemTest.



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Especially if you use often different programs or frequently upgrade your system, you should always know about your memory. The MemTest can provide you with insightful information.

The speed and the load on your memory are essential for the speed of your computer. If you always just running the computer, not much can change here. Unless the RAM module is defective. If your computer but very long runs, maybe even over night, because you're using programs that include very long load times or arithmetic operations, or because you want to download large files from the Internet, the memory can ever become overloaded.

New RAM modules are not always the right solution, finally, your processor can really use only a limited amount of memory. It is much more important to leverage the existing store. With the MemTest you can find out whether you leave valuable memory underutilized, because after switching off programs still occupy the space. You can measure the speed of writing files to the RAM, with MemTest.

The freeware MemTest so helps to check the quality of your actual memory and programs that unnecessarily burden him to identify. So, you have the possibility to optimize the speed of your computer, without having to install additional hardware. In contrast to other diagnostic programs MemTest checks the speed of memory over time and thus provides a reliable diagnosis rather than a random snapshot. You can run the program over several hours, you realize how can change the quality in the course of a session.

Description of the version: MemTest

The version 4.20 is for the Windows versions of Win 98, Win NT 4.0, win 2000, win me, Win 95, win XP, win 2003 server, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 available. The freeware includes only 63.5 KB, can be so played without big job losses on each system. In addition to some bug fixes, you can include now also computer with the Sandy Bridge Intel and AMD Fusion processors with the latest version in your diagnosis. The freeware is a basic version, which can also be extended for a fee.

The key features of version 4.20

• Observe the speed of the memory of an entire session
• Supports 64-bit systems
• Supports the Intel Sandy Bridge
• Supports AMD Fusion processors

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