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A Windows tool to collect and arrange text documents.



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MemoMaster creates order in your documents.

The free tool MemoMaster is a very lightweight application and arranges your text documents in a hierarchically structured database.

The freeware MemoMaster gives you the possibility to link memos with each other and sort. So has the program to offer more than about the traditional Windows Explorer. Memos can be divided now into text columns. The number of text columns can be as well as specify the shape and the spacing between the columns. The text column formatting is compatible with Microsoft Word. Cross-references are now available throughout the system, and can also be used for linking from other applications. In addition, memo links are compatible with Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.

For example, all memo links within the generated PDF document are available in a PDF export. The tree is supported here as well as the link to create the table of contents.

Recurring searches can be saved as a search pattern and call for later reuse with just one mouse click. Leaving not only personal search pattern, but also patterns for common data access in the team build.

Cross-references can take over now about a new drop-down menu.

While the existing tree structure is shown and can be accessed in the previous selection history. In addition, a target database can be selected if the linking across databases. The Import Wizard allows immediately the provision of the first import level. So, for example, the first document folder can be included in the structure of import. Also, previously imported documents can be ignored during the import process.

To export PDF documents can from now digital sign and add a time stamp.

Description of the version: MemoMaster

So-called metadata, you can store additional information about certain features to your memos. So your own metadata layout can be per memo database define and fill it with own metadata structure to manage more effectively larger amounts of data. MemoMaster provides a box Wizard available that enables you to associate custom metadata fields with different field types. Free text boxes, radio buttons and also customizable combination and lookup lists are supported.

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