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meGUI is a video converter, both aimed at laypersons and professionals.



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Another practical and free representative of the great video converter family is meGUI. With just a few mouse clicks and preset profiles, the program converts all videos in the format you want friends.

Basically, meGUI just is an another free video converter that easier conversion. But its benefits lie him detail: meGUI is not only a Codectalent and can download all necessary codecs, it settles them also by itself. So no format boundaries in the way, no matter what video results you intend to meGUI uses to change them you without a murmur.

An everyday story, which is not only accelerated, with meGUI but also more convenient designed is to convert videos from one format to another. The program supports all possible codecs and should you speak out once a special wish, which the tool can not directly implement, so the program loads the missing codecs automatically down. Snow, x 264, XviD, LMP4 - everything no problem for meGUI. You're spoilt for choice. To facilitate this choice, the small video converter has several preset profiles - for example, for desktops, iPods, PlayStation 3, PSP, iPhone or other devices - you directly assume or customize according to your needs can. With a little practice, you will use these only as a template and can handle even better results with targeted fine tuning. Professionals are from lay people in the blink of an eye.

Also as regards the required operating systems, shows meGUI very flexible. From Windows NT 4.0, the program supports all systems, including Win 2000, win XP, win Vista or win 7. However, a manual installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2 is necessary for those who use Windows 7.

Description of the version: meGUI

meGUI is today developed and maintained. The latest codecs are integrated with each new version, removed naturally occurring bugs and even easier to design surface and use. In this way, a loyal fanbase, which give preference to meGUI all professional tools grew. Rightly so, only a few video converter offer so many useful features in such a small space and with such simple and intuitive control. Check out the latest version of meGUI and make sure yourself!

The current version of meGUI offers you:

• meGUI supports all current codecs
• Support of all known video formats
• With automatic update function, if times but missing a codec
• Simple and intuitive control

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