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With Megamind, the Board game classics in a contemporary form finally arrives on your computer.



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Megamind is the Board game for your computer. Maybe you remember the game of the colorful balls and guessing the correct color code from your youth or play it with your children. The redesign of the ingenious board game is wonderfully managed: so the original is even more fun. Put yourself in the position of the Megaminds which must think of a color code, the other player has to guess. You can do this exactly as in the original sink also your balls on the game board and all in an elaborate computer graphics. Or you sit down on the other side, and guess what is considering the Megamind for you. You combine the goal counter and trying to figure out what the right color combination looks like before you go out of the attempts. This fun with Megamind is to have anywhere on the computer.

Megamind is running on all your devices, so also the notebook or NetBook. On the road playing Megamind and improve your high score. Compare yourself with other players and find out how good you really are. The game can arbitrarily adjusted in its degree of difficulty and become a real challenge for good players.

Megamind provides real added value compared to the original. So you will be spoiled in this version with convincing sound effects, which make the gaming experience even more intense. The game board is a loving reconstruction of the original and this looks confusingly similar. You will find a you so soon in the world of the classic, as soon as you have installed Megamind on your hard drive.

Other features of Megamind:

• Check high scores online
• with game instructions
• Stopwatch function
• Set time per move
• Double use colors
• up to 10 balls

The developer of Megamind

The computer game Megamind is developed by Sven Bader, who is responsible for design and software. It is a German development, which has gained some celebrity in the game scene. Megamind is available since 2005 in the German-speaking market and is continuously improving. Megamind is available as a trial version, you can immediately download the download button right here from this site. The game is available in English and runs on all Windows operating systems (Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP/Vista/7).

Description of the version: Megamind

With the new version Megamind v. 2.0 you can test even more game variants. You do a cracking the code on up to fourteen different colors or choose the simpler version with four possible colors. Also, you can now choose whether a color may or may not occur twice in the code. Eight different colors available are in the free shareware version. In the full version, you will receive access to all fourteen colors.

The most important innovations in Megamind v. 2.0

• Play in a 3D graphics.
• Choose the difficulty level of the code.
• Up to fourteen colors in the full version.
• You enter into the online highscore.

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