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Meg Mario is an entertaining PC pastime for all fans of Mario and Luigi.



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Mega Mario

Meg Mario follows in the original game idea and the concept of the Nintendo classic. This cancels the game but especially in the graphics area to a whole new level, because the angular figures belong to the past. The only 25 MB big Meg Mario program is both easy to install and quickly downloaded also without high speed DSL access. After the successful installation of Meg Mario, can you start right away to play and need no further adjustments. The control is carried out using the keyboard or a gamepad. Still the SPACEBAR to jump and the CTRL key are needed for controlling Meg Mario with the keyboard in addition to left and right arrow keys to race or shooting.

The setting of the Bloodeffects, whose activating is a matter of taste, however, is new in the area of Meg Mario. Still, you can activate even the music and sound effects so that you hear only the sound, sound and music or nothing at all. You need to take before adjusting the volume on the Windows volume control, which isn't in the game itself. Starts at Meg Mario with 5 lives, and in addition to the collection of coins (coins), it is the main objective, to create the obstacle course and defeat many monsters. For collecting the coins as well as defeating the monsters there are points. You can defeat the enemy by you just jump on them or shoot them off. Both ways lead to success at Meg Mario.

As with the original version of Mario Bros.. 1 it is the goal to free Mario's brother Luigi from the clutches of Bowser also at Meg Mario. Level did you this at the end of the 25, you can create your own level friends about the level editor and also gain access to the secret mode of cheating. The game is automatically saved at the end of each level, and then continue from there. You can download here function Meg Mario about the download on our site. Just try it out.

Features of Meg Mario:

• Jump & run game
• 25 Level
• Level editor
• More than 25 different opponents
• Freeware
• For Win 98, 2000, me, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux

Background information on Meg Mario

Meg Mario is an offer by Andreas Weber and will be available as freeware. The game brings the charm of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. 1 on the PC, and with improvements was not saved in the graphics area. Here, various helpers have contributed to the success of the project.

Description of the version: Mega Mario

As well as in the old version of Mega Mario you have to guide the famous plumber with the Red Hat through various levels in the version 1.6c and save his brother Luigi. With this, the evil Bowser is again, of course. More than 25 levels offer new gameplay. Also you can now create your own game world friends with the built-in Editor.

New and exciting features at Mega Mario 1.6c.

• More than 25 new levels are available
• Built-in Editor to create their own game worlds
• Now compatible with operating systems: Win 98, win 2000, win me, win XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux

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