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Make a break with the meet dug screensaver and let you lick your screen!



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Meet Dug Screensaver

Fun and entertaining screensaver as the meet dug screensaver are booming. They help you during a break at work or studying, briefly distracted, and protect your data by the way too prying eyes while you're absent.

If you leave your computer for a while unused, usually the screen saver turns, such as for example the meet dug screensaver. This small software varies the display of your screen until you're active again (for example, by moving the mouse or pressing a key), and is very entertaining. At the same time, it protects your data by he discourages curious, to see what you have on the screen during your absence. Did you also turned on the option to the password prompt, an unauthorized prevents access by unauthorized persons when the screen saver and your data is optimally protected. There are countless screen savers, from simple color variations or image sequences up to complex animations, which greatly affect the processing power of your computer.

You remember the simple-minded, clumsy and speaking through his collar dog dug from the Pixar Movie "Above"? At the start of the film mid-2009 was released as promotional material of the meet dug screensaver showing the dug in his top form. When activating the screensavers, storms the screen a lovingly and expertly animated dog, wagging his tail and apparently licks the inside of the "glass". His love for you knows no bounds. You get the impression that he really would trap you, if not the disc your screen would separate you quickly.

If you don't mind the advertising message of the meet dug screensaver, you get a first-class screen saver and a Catcher with downloading of approx. 6 MB big program for the breaks in between.

Description of the version: Meet Dug Screensaver

The entertaining meet dug screensaver after a pre-set period of inactivity on your computer automatically turns on, protects the information that can be seen on the screen, from prying eyes and protects against unauthorized access in combination with the furnished by default password of any operating system. The screen saver shows the lovingly animated dog dug from the Pixar Movie "Top" by 2009, which wags its tail and seemingly licks the "disk" your screen from the inside.

The most important properties of the meet dug screensaver

• Lovingly animated dog dug from the movie "Above"
• Entertaining screensaver
• Lets you relax during breaks and smile
• Protects your data from prying eyes in the absence

Meet Dug Screensaver meet dug meet-dug-screensaver

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