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MediaShow gives you optimum slide shows and videos that you can immediately put into the net.



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MediaShow is a program that allows you to improve your photos and movies. The application is very simple and has very many automatic settings that you can use with just a few clicks. You have also the possibility to make individual changes with MediaShow. The integrated preview and also the contrast the before - and -after version are a great help. MediaShow lets you create a successful slideshow from your photos. MediaShow it has numerous transition and text effects. Also the synchronization between photos and background music is no problem at all with MediaShow. The program has a direct connection to the social networks Facebook and Flickr, so that you can present the slideshow immediately online friend.

MediaShow is counted with 250 megabytes to the heavyweights of the software. For this you will receive but also lots of features that make editing photos and movies a breeze. MediaShow saves all processing steps in a processing log. You are able to establish the initial version at any time soon. MediaShow automatically removes the noise of a video. In addition, the program automatically optimizes the video exposure and compensates for shaky shots. On photos, you can make a face marked with MediaShow and facial recognition technology using the integrated FaceME(IM). Your finished videos you can upload the program on iTunes. In addition, MediaShow converts your data for playback on mobile devices. Through a direct connection to YouTube, you can easily set your videos on the net.

Trial version available in the Web is valid for 30 days. However, the application to a maximum of 50 files, is the you in H. can convert h.264 format, limited. After the trial, a paid registration is required. If you want to try the program, you need to click only on the download button and follow the instructions on the screen. With a size is 250 MB is a large file, so that you have enough hard disk space.

The function of MediaShow

• Synchronize photos and music during a slide show
• Removes the noise in videos
• Optimizes the video exposure
• Converts the data for mobile devices
• Direct integration with Facebook and Flickr
• Direct connection to YouTube

System requirements and download

MediaShow is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The program supports the latest version of DirectX. When the size of the download file, it makes sense, if you are using a download manager.

Description of the version: MediaShow

The current MediaShow comes with several new features. A built-in facial marking and automatic face detection makes mapping your photos a breeze. You can Polish that now by the way, with the additional 1-click fixes in the blink of an eye. Putting together videos and photos to fascinating slide shows, even with animated text. Now automatically removes video noise, and to convert the current formats are available for you. New is also the upload your videos on iTunes.

New features for MediaShow 5 at a glance:

• Face detection and face marking for optimized archiving
• Slide show with videos, photos, and animated text
• Video conversion to current formats
• Upload to iTunes possible
• Automatic removal of video noise

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