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MediaMonkey standard is not only a media player, but a complete audio archive.



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MediaMonkey Standard

You can even easily sync your iPod or iPhone with the MediaMonkey standard and make sure you're getting your music while also at these proprietary players. The MediaMonkey standard it easily organizes your playlists and manage your audio files up to a number of over 50,000 titles. Therefore anyone can use the MediaMonkey standard, regardless of whether it's 100 titles for your MP3 player or to several thousand titles, a passionate collector. You can using the integrated search feature of every title in your playlists find, regardless of the location.

Thus you never look for songs that you know you have them. Just enter the title or the artist, and MediaMonkey standard is the song for you in your archive. Here you can forgive regardless tags appropriate for all songs from the format. Actually known as a feature of the MP3 format, MediaMonkey standard exposes this friends as a function for all formats. This can also be an automatic matching missing information with online databases can be made. The same applies to ripped audio CDs, you can copy over the integrated encoder onto your hard disk. Also here are the data entered by MediaMonkey standard automatically.

For the Organization of your songs can MediaMonkey standard with an arrangement of the title be supportive in folders or rename the title according to your specifications. Thus, the songs can all be named after the same syntax. And if you have put together a special mix friends, where the audio formats can be different, you can burn these mix with the burning program that is integrated into the MediaMonkey standard directly to a CD or DVD. And in party mode finally accessible to guests on the song selection, but can not change it. Thus, MediaMonkey standard is quasi running mode in a protected "read only". Best himself once try the program and it right here from our website via the download function download.

Features of MediaMonkey standard:

• Media Player
• manage playlists
• burn CDs and DVDs
• integrated encoder for ripping CDs
• Freeware
• for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, both 32 - and 64-bit versions

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MediaMonkey standard is an offer of by Ventis media. The Canadian company is one of the leading providers in the field of media software for audio applications. The MediaMonkey player is offered in addition to the free freeware version also in a paid Gold version once again offers more functionality.

Description of the version: MediaMonkey Standard

The latest version of MediaMonkey standard now supports synchronization with the iPhone 4, iPad and other devices, which is that iOS 4 use. With this update, MediaMonkey standard is one of the only freely available software versions, which may be regarded as a genuine alternative to iTunes. Still, several bugs were fixed in the current version. All other mobile phones with other operating systems are also supported by MediaMonkey standard.

Innovations and features of MediaMonkey standard 3.2.2

• Synchronization with the iPhone 4
• Synchronization with the iPad and other devices that iOS 4 use
• Several bugfixes
• Support for other mobile operating systems

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