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With the Maxhron sidebar you allow your browser to a powerful translation tool.



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Maxhton Sidebar

The Maxhron-browser is a free add-on for your Internet Explorer and integrates some features that were previously only available for Firefox, Opera & co. in this. With the Maxhron sidebar a tool is for the Maxhron browser finally available, which provides a quick and easy translation of foreign-language terms like BabelFish or IMTranslator for Firefox. The Maxhron sidebar is the solution for all those who are instructed to communicate on the Internet with others in English, French, Spanish or Italian. She can be optionally switched on and hides on the edge of your browser window when you don't need it.

To translate a word you have you have to give it only in the Maxhron sidebar; Your request is then forwarded to the "" Server and there translated into the desired target language. This powerful server processes up to 50 requests per second and is the backbone of your Maxhron sidebar. Although the database of is still in the beta stage, translations for more than 2 million, and synonyms for around 1.6 million words are stored there already. But the Maxhron sidebar offers you still far more than just a great word to Word translation; You need a translation of short texts in another language? No problem, the computer is able to transmit short texts up to a length of 500 words in one of the five available languages. If you you by the way even vertippst when entering search, the Maxhron sidebar will automatically correct your request or complete.

The Maxhron sidebar is designed specifically for use with the popular especially in Asia Internet Explorer extension Maxhron and is of course only available to Windows systems. With the dashboard widget for the Mac OS, stand-alone solutions for Firefox and Opera as well as a plug-in for Instant Messenger you can use the sister products the Maxhron sidebar in many other applications.

What offers you the Maxhron sidebar:

• Access to over 2 million words and over 1.6 million synonyms
• Translation of short texts with up to 500 words
• Translation from/into five languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
• Voice output for all available entries
• utomatic error correction
• full-featured free download

What you should know about the Maxhron sidebar

The Maxhron sidebar is, constantly like other products by, since the launch of the website in 2004 and can be downloaded free of charge of course. In addition, offers you the ability even to participate in the enlargement of the database and submit translation suggestions. Many Honorable press software speak a clear language; the Maxhron sidebar is the translation tool for all Maxhron users.

Description of the version: Maxhton Sidebar

The sidebar can be downloaded for free from you, and you is then available for free use. After you have installed the sidebar, must you install the appropriate plug ins. It is then a search bar as an extension under the menu bar visible. Even translations can easily appear in the search response, and of course the design has been adapted according to the Maxhton browser user interface.

The main features of Maxthon sidebar

• Improved user interface with layout ansprechenderem
• At request can be translated automatically to search queries.
• The plug-in has a self installation now.
• Faster search results

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