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With the new MATHLAB 95 - function plotter, even complex functions are no longer a problem.



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Do you know that too? You want to create a mathematical project for the University or school and can find no suitable graph of function? Then put them here just yourself. The new MATHLAB 95 gives you a function plotter, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Whether in 2D or 3D, you have to enter the respective function only in the mask and already the new MATHLAB publishes a graphical representation in up to three dimensions 95 friends. Regardless, the functions are as complex, function plotter makes it a masterpiece. You can create your graphics in multiple colors, or you can rotate around its own axis.

The current MATHLAB 95 can but do much more. You can create true masterpieces with his help and enjoy the beauty of mathematical curves. The MATHLAB 95 - function plotter is easy to use and can be downloaded here for free. After the automatic installation, you can immediately get started. Just enter your function into the box and after a short calculation time of MATHLAB created 95 you the desired curve. You can easily and quickly into your documents include them or print them out.

The high quality of the MATHLAB 95 makes this program not only for recreational mathematician. Like the professional works with the new MATHLAB 95 - function plotter at the University and in the economy. No annoying search more on the Internet and no time-consuming drawing by hand more. With the MATHLAB 95 graphics become child's play. You will shine in your presentations, because your graphs will be mathematically correct and professional. Surprise your colleagues or classmates with unique function graphs in 2D or 3D. For your new MATHLAB 95 will be no problem.

MATHLAB 95 in a nutshell:

• Graphical treatment of functions
• 2D and 3D graphics
• Graphic output in the area or the area
• Complex or real number space
• Ease of use
• Automatic installation

System requirements for the new MATHLAB 95 - function plotter

You need for the MATHLAB 95 the operating system Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP and a processor from the Intel Pentium II. your computer should have a memory, with at least 128 megabytes and a free disk space with at least 2 megabytes. Otherwise, the new function plotter has no special requirements to your computer.

Description of the version: Mathlab

If you want to experiment like mathematically, the new version of MATHLAB is the right choice for you. MATHLAB is a function plotter, with which you can calculate several function equations now even better? Then you can see graphically these equations in a room or an area. Also, this version offers the possibility to program complex and difficult 2D and 3D functions and graphically prepare friends.

Overview of the features of MATHLAB 95

• Function plotter for 2D and 3D features
• View of the equations in the graphical space or a graphical area
• Graphical processing of simple functions

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