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M.A.R.S (MARS) offers 2D-Weltraum-Action with flashy effects and various game modes.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011

M.A.R.S. (Mars)

In the action game M.A.R.S. (MARS) you must keep alone or together the Galaxy with a teammate before the destruction - to do so providing you spectacular space battles in a very colourful 2D environment.

Obviously there is peace in the Galaxy in the years 3547 - each civilization lives on their own planet. But the appearance is deceptive: "Great war" is raging outside the peaceful home planet because all people are extremely envious people who don't treat their neighbours - so they try to destroy the other planets with a vengeance. Because you do not offer such behavior, you do what many space heroes before you did: you mount your spaceship and draw in the fight, so that your home in peace can further exist.

M.A.R.S (MARS) offers a colorful 2D graphics, which reminds beyond despite the high quality of the "good old days" of 3D scenarios - in a classic style you steer your ship from the bird perspective making life hard on your enemies, evade fired rockets and create wonderful explosions. In M.A.R.S (MARS), you can provide your spaceship with individual features, there are a slew of weapons systems and other technical surprises. The numerous game modes include such well-known variations such as Deathmatch and team deathmatch, but, for example, a mode where you have to make the powerful gravity gun "Insta-Grave" your possession, to decide the great war in your favor.

The different variants of the game as well as the single - and multiplayer mode make a real boredom-killer M.A.R.S (MARS) – the modifiable space ships and the action-packed space battles with its spectacular effects provide long-lasting fun.

Description of the version: M.A.R.S. (Mars)

The current version 0.7.2 of the space Krachers M.A.R.S. (MARS) comes with some improvements and enhancements. All owners of an ATI graphics card can breathe easier: the game is now also available with these cards under Windows, the previously necessary workaround is eliminated. Also made some changes to the multimedia framework SFML located the game basis - known bugs are been eliminated, so now nothing more in the way is the unbridled fun. Thai has been integrated as an additional language, other languages have been revised.

The improvement of M.A.R.S (MARS) 0.7.2 Overview

• Improved compatibility with ATI video cards under Windows
• Changes to the multimedia framework SFML
• Thai language translation has been integrated
• Already contained languages have been revised and completed
• Further revisions and bug fixes

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