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The Mario paint composer is a program for creating her own music pieces.



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Mario Paint Composer

The Mario paint composer is a program with which you can compose your own songs from the individual tones of Mario songs. The functions are self-explanatory, the interface is easy to understand.

With the Mario paint composer, you can compose your own songs through the use of familiar characters. Each figure stands for a different tone. Place on the staffs, and you can hear your song. If you still don't like it, you can always move Mario and his friends. Mario paint composer easily understandable user interface includes buttons with the individual characters for selection. Just click it and put it on the sheet music. There is also the classic buttons for play, stop and pause and a bar, where you can set what part of the song you want to listen to again. When you're finally satisfied with your creation, you can save at any time you, you give her a name and save it using the Save button.

If you are missing the ideas, you can access the database of Mario to back paint composer. Here, many individual sounds from the various adventures of the plumber are stored. Use these notes as a basis for your own song. The colorful graphics and familiar faces from the Mario adventure spread good mood. The program has a file size 7.4 MB, the program language is English. The self-explanatory structure of the game the language when you use doesn't restrict however. Download Mario paint composer program requires the operating system is Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 give free rein to your imagination and compose quite simply slow, fast, thoughtful or rousing songs.

Description of the version: Mario Paint Composer

Turn the melodies from the Super Mario games in completely new songs. Do you just choose one of the Allstars characters and placing him on the touch lines. Each character has a different tone. While Mario is a keep "Klong" by itself, the Super Star distributed soft "Klings". In the right combination, you can adjust even well-known songs or design just completely new compositions. Incorrectly used tones disappear immediately by clicking with the right mouse button.

Create songs with the Mario paint composer

• Program to create your own songs
• The Allstars characters as sound carriers
• Self-explanatory operation mask
• Simple storage options
• Mario songs from the games as the basis
• Low file size of the program

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