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Battle in Mario Forever from world to world, until you're Bowser to defeat him.



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Mario Forever

Who has Mario not accompanied by the childhood? Everyone knows the friendly plumber and his friends, who constantly fight against the evil Bowser. Also Mario Forever what they call again, use all strength in the struggle and bring peace back to the world. Only Mario can do.

Mario Forever remake is based on the classic games of the past. Immerse yourself in the world of the plumber Mario and fight against the followers of Bowser Koopa. While you must overcome deep chasms, clean mushrooms out of the way and collect items. The items is hiding behind the question mark, you get out with your thumb. Mario is fast and agile, he crawls through caves and jumps the highest bridges.

The controls are self-explanatory, you use the arrow keys to Mario in the right direction to steer and the SPACEBAR to jump. At the beginning you can find out with a short film, as Bowser makes the world of Mario and his friends in rubble and ashes. Now, you have to fight to restore everything. In the 2D display you will confront now in the levels the impact of Bowser's attack. Watch out for the secret routes and hiding places, where you can find additional coins and can collect life. It aims to come up in Bowser's fortress and then even to face him. The last level, the way through the fortress, demands once very much attention. The seething lava can rise any moment upwards, the minions of Bowser want to prevent that you get in up to his throne and when you finally did it, an uphill battle awaits because Bowser defended his fortress and would not disappear out of the country by Mario.

The game Mario Forever requires a space of 16.6 MByte and as operating system Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. English is the language of Mario Forever.

Description of the version: Mario Forever

The new version of Mario Forever offers a variety of changes. The background representations were rewritten and improved, there is a completely new logo right at the beginning and for beginners, who are engaged in the game for the first time, new help sign have been inserted. Also a change in contrast to the previous version is that both the difficulty and the credits were changed. In combination with the improved visual effects, a new sense of the game gives the player.

The new features of the platform n'run Mario Forever

• Update of background images
• Revision of Visual effects
• Revision of the degree of difficulty and credits
• Minimize the installer on 16.5 MB
• New start logo
• Revision of the help characters

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