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MapleStory is an entertaining game that waiting again and again with new surprises.



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In MapleStory, you control a small hero who must defend herself with his sword against opponents. These are absolutely insistent and are defeated not just with the first blow of the sword and sometimes difficult to catch.

MapleStory is a browser game in the best Donkey Kong jump & run style. You've got your little hero through various levels in ­denen, you must defeat enemies and reach the goal. You start each at the bottom of the screen and work yourself out in MapleStory upwards. To overcome the differences in altitude, are ladders, lianas or other tools available. You can skip interruptions on the routes it by pressing the SPACEBAR.

In MapleStory not so easily to make it you, you need to defeat different types of opponents on your way upwards. To do so you're armed with a sword that you can insert by pressing the X key. But not every opponent is immediately defeated, but hit too many times, to you to fight your way. And every contact with one of the opponents in MapleStory leads immediately to the loss of a life. Since you have only three lives to start, you have to be so appropriately careful! For this, you can lose no life if you once snafus a jump and down falls one or two levels in the level.

For every successful strike, you gain a point in MapleStory and for defeating an opponent 10 points. As the number of opponents and the difficulty increase per level, you need to effectively fight and you move, because you have a time-out of 120 seconds per level. That's still more than enough at the beginning, in the higher levels of the game, time is absolutely running, so you should not dawdle around, but looking always the most direct route to your destination.

Description of the version: MapleStory

MapleStory is a fun jump & run game in the style of Donkey Kong. You control your little hero through a kind of obstacle courses and will have to fight through you pro level from bottom to top. With your sword, you defeat your opponents and uses the tools, as well as cracks, overcome chasms and elevation changes. You have a time limit of two minutes, which can be quickly narrow especially in the higher levels per level. Also, the opponents are more resilient and can no longer defeat is a blow.

Features of the current version of MapleStory

• Browser-based jump & run game
• Flash game as freeware
• For Win 98, me, XP and 2000
• Fight against opponent
• English interface
• Time limit for each level

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