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The MapCreator 2.0 is the most comprehensive map generation tool on the market.



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Did you ever want to be your own cartographer? This is now possible with MapCreator 2.0 on your local computer. The MapCreator 2.0 is a particularly extensive cartography and graphics program, with which you can create your own cards. The program is written so that even layman will find easy access to and can be used on the first card. The picture quality will convince you this in all respects, because the MapCreator 2.0 works with the latest animation and presentation techniques. The program meets all demands that may be placed on creating your own cards for example for presentations. Never refer to predefined maps, you can start with nothing. Present your information in an ideal manner, namely in your way.

You can make the maps created with MapCreator 2.0 flexible. You can display maps, choose between a number of map properties and edit everything in many ways. MapCreator 2.0 allows you to add map objects such as diamond symbols, labels and images.

You can import data into the MapCreator 2.0 - for example from spreadsheet programs. If you want it really professional, you can create animations that you can save as a video file for your presentation. Size and frame rate are you in the MapCreator free adjustable 2.0. You can turn over the course of time map objects and hide allow and much more.

Other features of the MapCreator 2.0:

• Transparency effects
• Cities viewable
• PAL, NTSC and HD support
• TIF, BMP, JPG and PNG image files
• 3D effects
• Integrated geo database

Who is behind the MapCreator 2.0

The MapCreator 2.0 is manufactured by the company of software and developed by Herbert Haas. The company is headquartered in Germany and has released the first version of MapCreator 2.0 as early as 2005. So, it is a mature product that has found many satisfied customers. The MapCreator 2.0 can either directly via the manufacturer's website to be ordered or referred to the software through one of the many specialist dealers, who also have the program on offer. The software is available in both a free and a RM version and runs on all Windows operating systems.

Description of the version: MapCreator

The current version of MapCreator offers you some useful new features that help you easily draw your own maps and customize itself in detail views. Physical maps showing waters, mountains and valleys, you can now even easier to realize and edit structured by the optimized user interface. The import of borders and cities is through networking with an online mapping service just got easier for you.

The most important innovations of the MapCreator in version 2.0:

• improved user interface with greater ease
• optimised structured editing of the map drawings
• easier import of details such as borders and cities
• optimized rendering of mountains and valleys

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