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Map and guide base is a free and fast online route planner for all of Europe. Free download!



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Map & Guide Base

Map and guide base as development of PTV AG works with the same maps as the other directions of the company. You're the guarantee constantly to have the most up-to-date maps available with this free solution. After a free registration, you will receive an email with a confirmation link, which you have to click. Then, you can start the download on the Service tab. map and guide base installs quickly and easily and is available immediately for your first route plans available.

The address works with map and guide base normal on a text input of the start and destination points. Here you can select the country first via a drop-down box and then continue via the input of the place and the road. Several possible addresses to get shown on this map and guide base in a list and can then select the appropriate. With the entry of the target when you act base then map and guide as well. Before calculating the route, you can then enter a desired departure or arrival time, and specify whether to calculate the shortest, the fastest or the most economical route. The paid full version, you can enter the addresses from Outlook or the various POI layers. POI stands for point of interest and offers interesting destinations. You can download the data for hotels, restaurants, gas stations and parking lots and parking garages on the Service tab.

Subsequent route planning map and guide offers you base not only an accurate maps and route summary for the desired route, but also a wealth of additional information. The maps by map and guide this loads base thanks to the speedmaps very quickly, because only the required cards sections down are loaded, base on your computer are not available for map and guide. The free standard version of map and guide base 2 vehicle profiles for a fast and a slow vehicle available, you can choose for the calculation are for the route calculation.

Features of map and guide base:

• Free online route planner
• Route planning for all over Europe
• Always the latest map material
• Supports speedmaps
• Requires at least Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4, Pentium III processor, 256 MB RAM, DSL 1000
• Recommended: Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Pentium IV processor, 512 MB RAM, DSL 2000

About map and guide base and map & guide

Map and guide base is a solution of the PTV Planung Transport traffic AG from Karlsruhe. The company focuses on the development of software solutions around the topic of mobility and with map & guide, has created an internationally acclaimed and recognized brand. The company operates internationally and is represented in addition to the headquarters in Germany still in 11 other countries.

Description of the version: Map & Guide Base

The map & guide base is a route planner for all of Europe. You get always the latest versions of the cards offered. These are loaded very quickly. In your route you can mark individual addresses. In addition the program on request included the route service providers such as stations or cinemas are friends! Finally, you can transfer the personally chosen route on your navigation device for the car.

The main functions of map & guide base

• Europe maps up to date
• Individual address and display the route
• Specifying service providers close to routes such as such as petrol stations
• Created route on the portable navigation device

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